So, I have been thinking about retirement. No, I am not old enough to retire yet.  But, do you ever think about how retirement will be?  Will you have enough money to live on, comfortably? So many people I see work so hard all their lives and then retire and are broke. They cannot enjoy their free time that they worked so hard to earn.  Then can’t travel or enjoy themselves.

That whole thought is so discouraging. What are we working for?  Oh – we are working hard to grow someone else’s business and fund their retirement.  I guarantee the owner of the company or corporation you work for will have an enjoyable retirement.  You see, we workers are building their future.  Now that is really a messed up system.

After alot of hard thinking, I picked myself up, changed my outlook and got busy.  Now my retirement plan looks like this!  What’s your retirement plan?



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