The Flu – Just Say No!

In the U.S. this time of year is the beginning of the dreaded “flu season”.   I don’t know about you, but I just do not have time to be sick with the flu.  And I certainly do not feel like dealing with how the flu makes me feel.  So, this year . .  . be ready, stand up and say NO!  to the flu.  Keep reading – I am not talking about flu shots to prevent the flu.flu

      The flu is a viral illness caused by the influenza virus.  When the weather changes,  our immune system works overtime to cope with conditions that could make us sick.  That influenza virus comes right along – when our immune system may be at it’s weakest.  A strong and intact immune system can fight off the flu – we may feel a bit sick or achy for a day or so, but not as bad as a typical course of flu.  The flu virus can enter our body, our strong immune system attacks and we clear the virus.

So how do I fight off the flu?  I don’t want one of those flu shots!

      There are several ways to boost your immune system.  First of all, make sure you are getting plenty of sleep each night, eating healthy and drinking plenty of water.  Avoid stress (as much as you can) as stress also challenges our immune system.  Other things like Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc support a healthy and  functional immune system.  I will post more details about each of these substances over the next few days.  Frequent handwashing is very important in avoiding any type of illness. germ-478x600There are millions of germs just waiting for you on telephones, handrails, door knobs, shopping carts – everywhere!

    My recommendation is to start taking a daily immunity support product.  I use a product called Immunity Support from Arbonne International.  This company has been vegan and gluten free for 35 years, their products do not contain harmful chemicals.

252684-echinacea-purpureaImmunity Support contains 3 forms of echinacea as well as golden seal.  These natural substances come from plants.  (The coneflower pictured above is the source for echinacea.)  They stimulate the immune system, activate chemicals that decrease inflammation in the body and also contain phenols that are antioxidants. In addition, Immunity Support contains adaptogens which help the body cope with stress.   There are scientific studies that support the use of echinacea and golden seal for preventing colds and flu.  Personally, I do not get flu vaccines, I try to avoid sick people and always take Immunity Support one pill daily starting in October.  If I feel a scratchy throat, achy or feverish – then I take 2 pills twice a day for 2 days.  This works for my family – I am not making any claims or prescribing – I am just providing information for you.

         Here’s to a healthy winter season for us all!   Get your Immunity Support here

Remember – check back as I give more info on other ways to fight off the flu.  immunity

(this post is for informational purposes only, it is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. always consult your healthcare provider if you are ill.)


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