Who needs Vitamin D?


  Everybody needs Vitamin D!

  In the winter months, UVB rays from the sun are blocked in most areas so our Vitamin D levels are at their lowest.  Coincidence then, that winter is also flu season?  There are researchers who think not.  Studies have shown that many Americans are Vitamin D deficient.  We just do not get enough Vitamin D in our diet and we need the sun to help our bodies synthesize the vitamin D.

  So what does Vitamin D have to do with the flu?

  Vitamin D supports our immune system (the system in our body that is responsible for fighting off illness). Immune cells in our bodies have vitamin D receptors. Increased vitamin D activates cells in the immune system that are like natural antibiotics – they kill bacteria.  The vitamin D receptor cells also regulate inflammatory substances which are partly responsible for some of the symptoms we experience with the flu.

  There have been several research studies throughout the world that have shown that people with low levels of vitamin D have a higher flu rate.  Studies also have shown that higher levels of vitamin D were associated with a shorter duration of flu.  Many healthcare providers recommend increasing our vitamin D intake above the daily recommended amount.

If you want to take Vitamin D to stay healthy – start now.  Your body will need to build up your vitamin D level.  I take between 2000 and 4000 units daily. A word of caution – you can get too much vitamin D and that can cause serious problems.   So, check with your healthcare provider about safe dosages.

(this post is meant for informational purposes only, it is not intended to diagnose or treat – always check with your healthcare provider)


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