Blogging with a Purpose

        I started blogging with a vague idea of what I wanted to accomplish. Then I decided people would like to know what my blog is about so they could decide if they would like to follow along.  Besides, organization just makes life simpler.

My purpose in blogging is not unique – I want to share information.  I want to share information that people can really use and get personal benefit from.  Then if they share the information there is a ripple effect.  One piece of information shared here might help someone way across the world.  It is quite interesting to be able to blog and have conversations with people all across the globe, where anyone can comment.  I think reading the comments about my posts is the most enjoyable part of blogging.  So, if you are reading this . . . . leave a comment :).

The information I plan to share on my blog is related to health, wellness, personal development and beauty.  A “little something for everyone”.

As a medical professional I like to share information on health and wellness that is reliable, based in science and useful to help people feel their best.  This information is not meant to diagnose or treat, it is just good information that some people may find helpful.  I will also be sharing a lot of information about diet and nutrition.  That is such a “hot topic” but such a misunderstood topic with a lot of crazy information out there that could actually be harmful.

I will share information on skin care and some of the harmful substances in the products we use,  then I will throw in some make up and beauty tips.

I am a business owner, building an international Arbonne business so I will be referring to these products throughout my posts.  I’m not just promoting products and advertising – I really believe these are the best products out there – for everyone.  Also, I don’t think most people are really aware that products we use everyday can actually be harmful to our bodies.  This isn’t just some spam or promotional gimmick – there is scientific information and I hope to share that with my readers.

I have been doing a lot of reading and self development lately. So, in an effort to pass that on, look for posts with book reviews and positive self development information.  It will be interesting to review this in one year and see how far I have come and how many followers I gain, new people I meet virtually.   deb


One thought on “Blogging with a Purpose

  1. It is lovely to hear the foundations of what you are hoping to achieve through your blog. I love new ideas on health and i have already picked up a few from your previous posts. I look forward to more! Thank you.


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