Veterans Day

On this day set aside to honor our Veterans, I think it is important to remember not only the Veterans but also their families.  Having lived in a small military town for awhile, I saw first hand what a struggle the families of our armed forces go through.  One can never be quite prepared for sending your husband, your wife, your son or daughter off to battle.  Meanwhile, here at home life goes on and we don’t give a second thought as to how drastic life changes when a family member is off on active duty.  Not all of us are brave enough, selfless enough, to sacrifice for others.      Serving in the armed forces is the ultimate sacrifice – giving of yourself to protect your country and the freedom of others.  I cannot even imagine what it is like to be constantly vigilant, fighting among the enemy in a foreign land with little rest.  Is it any wonder that these young men and women return with post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression?

So . . .take every opportunity to thank a Veteran for their service, tell them how much you admire and respect them.  Not just on Veterans Day – but everyday!


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