Network Marketing, A bad word?


If someone asks what I do and I say “network marketing”, the usual answer is “Oh, you aren’t getting me in one of those pyramid schemes. ” Others just try to think of an excuse to get away and then don’t answer telephone calls or texts.  So,  I have set out on a mission to educate people on what exactly network marketing is.  I believe there are quite a few people out there who need network marketing.  This is a business with so many benefits and it really has changed a lot of lives.  Look at Robert Kiyosaki up there in that picture – he knows networking is the best business model.

Networks are simply the people we know and talk to – friends, family, co-workers. We share ideas, experiences with them.   Think of it this way:

You go to a new restaurant that just opened.  The food you had there was so good and the service was great.  So, you tell a few friends about the place and they go there for dinner.  Then they tell a few friends, and those people tell a few others and so on.  Does the restaurant send you a commission check?  Of course not – but they should because you sent them business.


You have to be pushy.  You should just focus on selling your product and signing up people. Network marketing is a way to get rich quick. You don’t have to work hard.  It costs a lot of money to get started and you have to buy a lot of inventory.   All, not true.  Oh yea, I know there are a lot of pushy people out there trying to sell you things you don’t need and they just won’t go away.  That is how network marketing became a bad word.

The Truth

No one likes pushy people, so being pushy is not the way to go.  True networking professionals believe in their product and their profession.  They see their job as helping others.  So if my product isn’t for you, I’m not going to try to sell it to you.  If you are struggling or maybe just lost your job or need a little extra income – yes, I am going to tell you about my business because I believe it may be the answer for you.

The Business for the Current Economy            The days of being rewarded for your loyalty are long gone.  Our economy has changed. We are moving to a productivity based system.  You have to work harder and harder to meet quotas and the big bonuses that are out there are nearly impossible to attain – but they do get you to work harder and harder.  So, you go to work and use your time to build someone else’s dream.  The more time you give them the more money you get.  The problem is you only have so much time you can trade for money. Not to mention that your boss can lay you off at anytime.  Then what do you do?  You definitely need a Plan B to fall back on.  Don’t wait until it is too late . . . .

Let me know in the comments what you think of network marketing.  Feel free to email me for more information or if you have questions.


Part two tomorrow – what’s in it for you?


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