It’s a Relationship Business

Network Marketing, Part 2

Yesterday I shared the negative ideas about network marketing.  Today I want to show you why I am so passionate about this profession and how it may even be something you are looking for.


Networking done right is really about building relationships.  We meet and talk to people and discover what their dreams are, what they need and are looking for.  Then we show them a product or how this business can meet those needs.  If they are interested, great!  They can build a business with the support of an entire team of successful leaders.  That is my joy – helping others and seeing them succeed!  This business is not about forcing people to buy things they do not need or cannot afford.  It is not about signing them up to start a business they really aren’t even interested in.

What’s so great about Network Marketing?

There are so many reasons I am passionate about this profession.  The person who introduced me to the business is still my greatest supporter and friend.  We have a bond that is so strong and she is always there for me, and vice versa. It is a business that changes peoples’ lives.  I have seen people be able to avoid foreclosure, make their car payments, survive despite job loss.  It is many things to many people.

 1. You are a business owner.  No boss but you.

2. You decide when and where you want to work.

3. Tax benefits – write offs for business expenses, phone, car, meals, supplies, travel.

4. Unlimited income – you get paid based on what you do.  And then you keep getting paid on that initial work.  You can get paid while you sleep or vacation.  What?  yes, it is called residual income

5.  It’s a personal development program with a pay check at the end.  The people that are successful really work on developing themselves.  Positive thinking, changing your mindset, developing self confidence.  I have seen shy, quiet people grow into leaders who light up a room and speak confidently in front of huge audiences.

6.  Working together, going through struggles, supporting each other develops great friendships.  I have great relationships with people across the globe as a result of building my own business.

7. Retirement income and the ability to enjoy the retirement years with a lifestyle many just dream about.  There is no other job that provides for retirement years in that way.

8. Incentives and bonuses.  Does your job reward you with Tiffany jewelry, send you flowers on your birthday, send you on cruises or to Hawaii with all expenses paid?  No, probably not.  Mine does – luxurious trips at least twice a year with wonderful experiences that I could only dream of before.

If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.

Okay – part 3 tomorrow – how does network marketing work and the ripple effect.

Beach-Chairs-Wallpaper-WideThanks for taking time to read about my passion.  Please, comment or contact me if you have questions or need more info.  deb


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