The Four Year Career

Welcome back!  Here is part 3 in my series on Network Marketing.

beach-office Because I want a job I can do on the beach and a job I don’t need to take a vacation from, I am building an international business.  After a lot of research, a lot of education and a lot of hours in the workforce I found that network marketing is the only way to go!

It is just such a misunderstood profession.  There is an excellent book by Richard Brooke, “The Four Year Career” that clears up any misconceptions.  This is a business for almost anyone – anyone who has a dream and is willing to work hard for a short time to achieve that dream. The best part, helping others achieve their dreams.

Ask yourself this:  If I keep doing what I’m doing where will I be in 5 years?

Network marketing can be very low cost to start.  Unlike traditional businesses there is very little overhead.  If you have a voice, a computer, a cell phone – you can run a global business working as little as 10-20 hours per week.  It is low risk – what have you got to lose?   Take advantage of the company which will provide shipping, research and development, customer support, training, websites, etc. for you at no cost. If you hate your current job or find it is taking up all your time, keeping you from family and things you enjoy – this may be the only option to get out.

How Does it Work?

Find a product and company you truly believe in and are passionate about.  If the product is consumable (used daily and re purchased, like shampoo or soap or a daily drink) then you will have repeat business when customers need the product. Check out the company also and they support they provide, their business history.

Use the products, talk about the products, share your passion with everyone!  Find people who need what you have and go help them. Share the great business opportunity and help and support people as they start their own business with your team.

Stay “plugged in” – listen to others in your business, read positive mindset books,  listen to trainings from your company.  Find someone to mentor you – they can show you a simple system for success.

What’s In It for Me?

1. you receive a commission on everything you sell
2. you get your own products at a substantial discount
3. if you help others start their businesses, you get paid on the work they do, the products they sell
4. if those people use the products, share with others and help others start businesses – you get paid on those sales! 

This continues on and on from one person to another.  The “ripple effect”:  by helping one person build a business you can actually be helping someone across the world build a business.  It is really amazing when you think about it.

A lot of people will say, “I tried that – it doesn’t work.”  No, it doesn’t if you aren’t willing to work and be consistent. Most of those people quit after they didn’t get rich in a few months.   I know quite a few successful people – who work less than 20 hours a week, vacation regularly – and receive a 6 figure paycheck MONTHLY.  

So, check out that book, The Four Year Career.  You can take a look at my website for an example of how I run a business with amazing products and no inventory .  Feel free to comment or even email me.  I love sharing info about network marketing and would love to talk with you – no strings attached, no sales pitch – I promise.


Go chase those dreams!


Have a great day, thanks for reading – and most of all, I hope this brightens your day and makes you realize you can dust off those dreams, take them down off the shelf and start living them!   deb.


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