The Power of Positive


If you follow some of the motivational speakers out there – and there are hundreds of them – you will hear talk about staying positive.  It is a fact that successful people have a positive attitude and believe that they can achieve anything.

inspiring-positive-lifestyle-quotes-you-cant-live-a-positive-life-with-a-negative-mind  Beginning in childhood and continuing throughout our lives we get a lot of negative programming.  How many times does a child hear the word “NO”?  Much more than they hear the work yes.  Our brains believe what they hear – so if we hear mostly negative words then we will have a negative attitude, or outlook toward life.  It is said that you will become what you think about most.  Behavioral research shows that 77% of our thoughts are negative.   So how do we get positive?  

Surround yourself with positive people.  Seek out people who have goals and speak about belief and positive things. You will probably find that these positive people are also more encouraging and supportive for you than negative people.



No matter how hard we try, it is very difficult to remain positive when surrounded by negativity. Sometimes you have to remove yourself from negative friends, negative environments, negative situations.  We need to reprogram our brains in a positive way.  The subconscious part of our brain needs repetition. Therefore –  being positive takes daily work.

Below are some of my suggestions for reprogramming your negative mind. You have to talk to yourself.  It is more effective if you speak the words out and your brain “hears” the words.  Remember, it takes repetition!   But it is so worth it. You will actually feel better and people will start to ask you why you look so happy all the time.  Positive people attract others – so you never know who you will meet.  Commit to a positive action plan, do it everyday for 10 days and comment to let me know how it goes.

Replace “I can’t”, “I should”, and “I need to” with “I can”, “I will”

Spend 10 minutes every night reading positive thoughts or a book about positive thinking.  My suggestion is one of the books by Dr. Shad Helmstetter – What to Say When You Talk to Yourself.

Write down several positive thoughts about yourself or goals you will achieve.  Read these positive thoughts – OUT LOUD – each morning.  You are telling yourself positive things and reprogramming that brain!

Listen very closely to the things you say to others and the things you  think to yourself.  Take note of how many negative thoughts or words occur in one day.

Okay – here is an example.  I used to be so nervous about speaking in front of others.  I would sweat, shake and actually feel sick.  Often I feared that I would actually pass out while speaking.  Can you see it?  Fall face first into the podium and make a loud thud on the microphone.  That’s the picture of success, right?  Now before speaking, I spend a few minutes by myself in a quiet place and repeat the following: “Okay, so you have spent time preparing – you know this stuff.  You are a good speaker. People enjoy hearing you speak.  Now take a deep breath – go out there and look at one person and smile.  Then start talking.  You will do great!  Now go on – get it done.  You are going to change someone’s life!”  This has worked so well for me. When I finish my little speech to myself I am ready to go and feel quite confident.

So there you have it.  You can overcome most everything with the power of positivity.  I know it!  I have seen the effects of positive thinking.  I have also seen the effects of negativity.  Life is tough, we face obstacles everyday but try to look for one positive thing that could come out of every problem.  Instead of saying, “oh everything I try is so difficult, nothing ever works out” – say “you are a really strong person, you just come up to an obstacle, step over and keep going, you can accomplish anything you set out to do”.  Look at mistakes as learning experiences. I know that if you change your outlook and focus on positive people, positive thoughts and positive environments you will feel so much lighter and happier.  And you will be much more successful in life.   I know this has helped someone, so let me know! deb

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – You Are Right!

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