How was your year?

Now that it is a New Year we look back on 2015 and take stock of our success . . .or lack thereof.  Then we ask ourselves these questions:

                      So we are so much better off than we were a year ago, right?

We have had major accomplishments, reached all of our goals in the last year, right?

If we keep doing what we are doing, where will we be in 5 years?

If you aren’t excited by the answers to those questions, maybe you couldn’t wait for a New Year to begin –  then now is the time to do something different.  Have you heard that quote, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity”?  Unfortunately there are many  people out there stuck in a rut just dreaming and wishing for something different in their lives. I doubt there are many people out there who accomplish much without a plan. It is hard to achieve your goals if you don’t really know what your goals are.  So, there we have it . . . . you have got to set some goals and have a plan for the year.

Now . . . .don’t click away yet.  Oh stop it already – I can hear the groaning, I see you grimacing – it isn’t going to be that bad.  It won’t even take a lot of time.  baby-grimacing_i-g-49-4913-pxj9g00z





I know most people hate the thought of goal setting.  But give me a minute and maybe I can change your mind.  I have seen a lot of posts about goal setting, planning, agendas, planners, etc.  Really, it’s not that complicated and you don’t need a new book or brightly colored pens and tags to write down your goals.  Think about this for a moment:

l-48544 If you want to move forward and you have dreams and you believe in those dreams then you have to set some goals to reach the dreams.


Okay – take a few minutes to think of 3 things you really dream about everyday, or 3 things you really want to change in your life. Write them down.

Now, ask yourself Why?  Why do you dream about those things or want to see things change?  How will your life be different if those dreams or changes were reality?  Write that next to each dream/change. Are you committed to working to makes these dreams or changes come about?  Is it worth it?  Will you benefit?  If so . . . .you have your goals!

Now on a new sheet of paper, in the front of a journal, or on your phone – write those dreams or changes as a positive action.  For example:  I have lost 50# in 2016 and am happy with how I look.

Under each positive statement you will need to write steps to accomplish that goal.  Be specific and detailed.  Make these steps something that you can measure.  For example:  I exercise 30 minutes, 5 days per week.   I eat 3 meals per day.  I do not eat after 7 p.m.  I avoid all sugar/sweets with the exception of one cookie on the weekend.

A few things to remember about goals:  make them measurable – such as a specific money amount, a specific weight, etc.  Set a date for achieving the goal.  In order to stay motivated and increase your chance for attaining your overall goal – break it down into smaller achievable actions like in the example above.  If you have a grand, overall goal for the year – break it down into smaller monthly goals.  Each time you succeed in achieving a monthly goal you are much more likely to reach that big one year goal.

Want to increase your chances of reaching those goals?  Of course you do!  Then you have to stay focused.  You know most people give up on resolutions, ideas after about 2 weeks.  Commit yourself to these goals.  Write them down!

Post them where you will see them at least once everyday!

Say your positive goal statement out loud, in front of the mirror several times each day.  Some people place a post it note on their bathroom mirror. Others set reminders in their phones. Find a system that works for you.  Just know that being SPECIFIC, have goals you can MEASURE, WRITING them down, SPEAKING them out loud will all dramatically increase your success.

Now . . .go do it!   Go on – get up out of that chair, grab a pencil and start writing!  Congratulations that is the first step . . . .

Good Luck!  Comment below if you want to share your goals or thoughts.  For anyone who is struggling, I can offer individual help with your goal setting (no fees, no strings)  just email me

Dream for 2016!

motivational-dream-and-do-it-walt-disney-quoteHey everyone!  Hope your New Year has started off great.  I am so excited to get started on this 2016 Success series!  The past few days I have given the subject a lot of thought.  There are so many directions to go and so many other blogs and videos on success out there.  So, I just want to do something different, something new and something that is useful and helpful to my readers.  I will guide you to some other very good sources of inspiration that I have found.

“Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start” . . . .  I believe that the Word of God, the Bible is the number one motivational book out there.  All wisdom, all good, all success comes from the Author of that Book.  After all, it is God who is in control and blesses us with gifts of speaking, writing, inspiring others.

“The mind of man can plan his way, but God directs his steps.”                       Proverbs 16:9

Now you know my focus and some of my values.  Keep that in mind throughout this series, as I believe faith is the foundation for any success plan.  You do not have to share my beliefs to be successful.  I do recognize that everyone has different belief systems.

So . . . . . let’s just dream today.

Dream big, have a RI – DIC – U – LOUS dream!

You have to envision your dream – really see yourself in your dream.  Don’t limit yourself.  If you limit your dream you limit what you can achieve.  This is where a dream board can be useful.  Most dream boards are a work in progress. Every time you have a new thing you think about you can pin it on your dream board.  Now is the perfect time to start pinning pictures of your dreams for the year.  When you dream use positive terms – such as “The home I am purchasing this year.”   Be descriptive and detailed:  see yourself in that home, walking through the hallways, spending time with family in the kitchen, etc.  Go car shopping and take a selfie of you sitting in your dream car.  Post in on your dream board!

See yourself in your dream!   Believe!  daretodreamseriesdayone-1024x1024

I have taken this graphic from a series on dreaming big by Monique McLean.  This is an excellent source for learning to dream big.  I highly recommend it. You can check it out here: Monique McLean

There you have it!  Your success will only be as big as your dream.  Go crazy!  Really let go and let yourself dream this week.  Get started on a dream board.

Next Up:    setting goals.

     Oh, I can hear you guys grumbling and sighing.  No, not goals.  Oh yeah – goals.  It can be fun once you have had some time to dream.    Hope this motivates you today!   Please, comment and let me know what you think,  and share with anyone you think needs a little dreamin’ . . . .      deb