Being Intentional

successWow – see how quick New Years Resolutions fade?  I haven’t posted on here in 3 weeks!  At least I haven’t been a total slacker – just been working on myself.  I was recently introduced to books by John Maxwell and have been reading “Intentional Living” . This book is a very easy read and is making a big difference in my life.  If you look at successful people, you will find that a majority of them live “intentionally”.  They have a plan for each day, and intentionally have certain habits.  Successful people don’t get there by chance, by being in the right place a the right time – they get there by living an intentional life.   This applies to everyone, no matter if you are an athlete, a student, a business person, a parent.   Having good intentions is just not enough – we have to take action not just think or wish.  This is where we achieve success – by acting on our good intentions.  It is a simple concept but sometimes it is easier and safer to think about doing something rather than actually taking action and doing it!

intentional“If you want to change the world, invest in helping another person to reach his or her potential”  J. Maxwell

Mr. Maxwell has written many books on self development, leadership and growth.  He is an excellent speaker and lives his life intentionally.  Check out his website linked above- I am participating in the 30 day journey of intentional living.  Already I see this concept changing my daily life and I have seen results in my business.  Have any of you read any John Maxwell books?  Comment and let me know what to read next 🙂

Take the first step today – take action and live intentionally.  Stop looking at your goals and “To Do” list and actually commit to doing one thing daily to help achieve your goal.

Let me know if this is helpful, especially if you follow through and start living intentionally!  deb


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