Love the skin you’re in!




So they say wrinkles are a sign of character.  Well, as far as I know most people would prefer to erase or cover up wrinkles on their face in order to look younger.  In fact, the skin care industry is a rapidly expanding global market.  I have found statistics to show that the global cosmetic industry was a 460 billion dollar industry in 2014 and estimated to reach 675 billion by 2012.  That is a market increase of 6.4% per year. Apparently people are spending money on their skin and make up!

 So, what do women want from their skincare products?

“There’s an overall market shift taking place in skincare, “ says Andrea Van Dam, CEO of Women’s Marketing. “Women are doing their research. Widespread use of the internet and social media has resulted in women becoming more informed and knowledgeable shoppers. They’re concerned about ingredient safety, increasingly aware of the latest world-wide beauty trends, and are paralyzed by too many choices. They want natural products, prestige trends at mass market prices, and more effective tools to help them navigate the skincare aisle,” she advises.

There are many formulas out there – creams, serums, oils, potions that promise great results.  Actually, one could go quite broke searching for that miracle cream.

Newsflash . . . . . . there is no miracle cream – wrinkles will not vanish – you won’t look 10 years younger overnight!    But not to give up hope – there are some things you can do to look younger, brighter and help your skin feel great!

  • Drink plenty of water, eat a healthy diet and get 6-8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Take care of your skin!   Wash morning and night to remove pollutants, irritants.
  • Nourish your skin with vitamins, emollients that actually penetrate the skin.  Our skin loves Vitamin C.  But you have to use vitamin C that can be absorbed and that is active.  Collagen is the supportive network in our skin. Unfortunately collagen is too big of a molecule to be absorbed when put on the skin.  ShareIt_Instagram_RE9-CorrectiveEyeCream

Your skin needs to breathe!  Don’t plug up your pores with petroleum or vaseline or other nasty chemicals.  Did you know petroleum is a by product of oil refinement.  It is a waste product – in other words – trash – cheap.  Is that what you want to put on your face at night?   It clogs the pores so that air and moisture cannot penetrate.  Essentially it seals in the dirt.

I am an Independent Consultant with Arbonne, International.  So of course, I recommend Arbonne skin care products.  But that is not just because it is my business.  It is my business because I trust and love the products!   The products do what they say they will do – they make fine lines less noticeable, skin feels softer, looks brighter – they don’t claim to erase wrinkles.  A good deal of science goes into creating these products. Dr. Peter Matravers , Pharm D studies and develops products for Arbonne.  He actually holds several patents for skin care products and nutritional products that are botanically based. Arbonne actually tests it’s products independently and is involved in third party clinical trials.

Arbonne’s market share continues to grow each year while the other big names like Clinique, Lauder, etc are fairly stagnant.  I believe that is because consumers are now more informed – we look at labels and search for harmful ingredients that we wish to avoid.

groupAnother thing about Arbonne – they never pay models to advertise a product they don’t use.  All of the advertising and print media has actual consultants who use the products.

So if you want skin care that:

does what it says – contains no harmful chemicals – is good for your skin – smells fresh and clean with pure botanicals and not fragrance – comes with a 45 day money back guarantee – always includes a personal consultant who will help you discover what is best for your skin . . . . .

Then message me or click on my website

Be good to your skin – it’s the only skin you get!  



2 thoughts on “Love the skin you’re in!

  1. Interesting post. Coming from a medical perspective, I really like how you emphasized that clear skin does not happen overnight. It takes consistency and effort, like all things in life. Good job1


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