Science meets Nature


As a healthcare provider, I always research product claims.  Some of the information I have found is actually scary!  So that is how I was led to using Arbonne products. I found that they didn’t make false claims, they just made good, pure products based on science and tested in clinical trials.   Then I got a little lazy and bored and tried some other “natural” products.  I wasted money on stuff that I really didn’t like and my skin suffered for it.  One day my husband said – “Maybe you should just use that Arbonne stuff – your skin sure looked a lot better then”.  

Hilariously-Surprised-DogsWhat????   a husband who actually notices a difference in your skin?   Well, you can believe I got more Arbonne as quick as I could.


Why Arbonne?

There is actually a scientific advisory board and Peter Matravers (photo at top) who is a Pharm D.  So, I know that there is science behind the products I use.  Dr. Matravers has quite a few patents in the cosmetic/beauty industry.  When you can trust that the products you are getting are  pure and actually beneficial to your skin that means alot.  The botanicals make the products smell amazing – just a light scent and natural – not heavy perfumes.  I get products that do what they say they will do.   They are concentrated and last so I don’t have to purchase as often.

Arbonne is always on the cutting edge, keeping up with current trends.  Just this month they announced a bunch of great new products!  I will highlight the Genius Ultra tomorrow – a device that delivers ultrasonic waves to your skin.

All in all, I found products that I really like, that I can trust, and that come with a 45 day money back guarantee.  And then I share those products with people I know and make a pretty nice income.   So what’s not to love?

Curious?  I would love to help you with any skin problems or questions or just get you some samples.  If you aren’t interested – you may have a friend or know someone – so send them my way.

Click on this link to get to my website where there is plenty of information and some pretty pictures.   Thanks for taking time to read along today!  Enjoy the day . . . . .and be good to your skin – it’s the only skin you get!



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