Don’t go broke building your business!

success+quote+hd+wallpaper[1]I am passionate about helping others succeed through owning their own business.  My joy truly comes from seeing their successes and watching them grow and become leaders.  It is the true evidence of “the ripple effect”.

One tells one, tells one, tells one – you never really know whose life you will touch and change through your journey.   You also never know whose life might be completely different if you were to quit.  Someone you have never met may be searching for something that your business can indirectly bring to them.

Don’t Quit!  You don’t even know who may be counting on you to help them!

One of the things I have noticed while coaching others and researching different aspects of business, is that there are a lot of people out there competing for business with the start-up entrepreneur market.  It is very tempting to reach out for any promises of quick business growth when you first start out.  Unfortunately, there are no short cuts, no substitution for hard work and relationship building.  I teach my business builders to follow a system within their team – it has worked for those that have succeeded before them.  Usually the system has been adjusted and/or improved as those that have been through it find out what does and doesn’t work.  Don’t waste your time re-inventing the wheel – take advantage of what others in your industry have learned along the way.

Do You Need a Business Coach?

Sure, anyone can benefit from a business coach.  Now that doesn’t mean you have to pay thousands of dollars for that business coach. There are quite a few well known and expensive business coaches you see out there. They tell you how he/she can show you a system that will get you hundreds of customers in a short time.  They tell you how it has worked for them.   They have made millions and couldn’t believe it!  Oh how it changed their lives,  and are now they are willing to share their secrets with you.   By the way – they say “check out this other program – my friend has agreed to give you his tips also when you purchase my program”.  It is always an incredible value.

Sound familiar?   There are so many people out there marketing programs to help network marketers.  I actually think it is funny.  So many people think so negatively about network marketers.  Network marketing, or direct selling, has become a huge profession and those who do it right are very proud of what they do.  The network marketing industry is a fast growing industry and is creating quite a few millionaires. Now others have figured out how to get rich by marketing to network marketers.  Wow! It’s crazy how there are so many people who just wait to take advantage of others.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some excellent business coaches out there.  They aren’t the ones you hear about all over the Internet.  The best business coach would be someone who is helping others in your specific company and team.  It should be someone who knows your business and the products you promote.  The best thing to do is find mentors in your business area.  Find someone who you look up to who has been successful and study them.  If you study enough leaders you often find that they have a lot of similar characteristics.  Please, never spend thousands of dollars for a coach who you never get to work with personally and who is “coaching” hundreds (if not thousands) of others at the same time. You can recognize them – they all look pretty much the same – flashy smiles, gorgeous designer clothes, they are always happy and laughing – they tell about their travels and post on social media from glamorous places.  If you listen closely – you may notice that they all say similar things.  They have “branded” themselves and studied what people are attracted to.   Yes, they are good business people – they know marketing and industry trends. They study!  They network!

So, a word of caution regarding all those “business coaches”  and “internet marketing experts”.   Visit one of their websites.  Read through their offers.  They usually have to do with offering you something for free in exchange for your email.  Then you will receive daily emails telling you about free webinars or other giveaways.  After you have gotten several “free” lists or articles of advice then they will offer a “rarely available university, academy or seminar that is a phenomenal value”.  They start to reel you in.   Sound familiar?   Maybe you actually purchased one of these trainings, academies, seminars.  Funny thing is – what you learn in these programs, is how to develop and repeat the process you just got reeled in through.

Save your money, invest in your business and your products.  If you aren’t succeeding don’t think you can buy success.  Here are a few tips that work for every business and everybody.

  1.  There is no get rich quick scheme.  Unless you win the lottery, you will have to put in time and effort to build your business.

  2.  You must believe in your product and yourself.  If you don’t – why would anyone else?

  3. Study great leaders and successful business people.  Read the books they have written.  Work on self-development everyday.  You have to grow yourself in order to maximize your success, leadership skills and influence.

  4. Dream big – have a huge vision that will drive you and motivate you.  Believe in your vision – see yourself succeeding.  Speak success and remain positive.  Remember, nothing positive comes from a negative mind.

Everyday I do a few things:  Pray and thank God for my blessings – Read something for self growth or leadership – talk to people, make new relationships.

shellSuccess is a series of habits, repeated daily.

I hope this post has been helpful to you.  Also, I do hope that you will continue to press on – so many people quit just before they reach success.  If you plant the seeds it takes time and tending for them to produce.

Please comment with any thoughts – I love to know that my posts help or at least get you thinking.  I don’t even mind if you challenge my ideas.    Best wishes – BELIEVE!

7 thoughts on “Don’t go broke building your business!

      1. Wow amazing! Well done. I can’t imagine being at that level. I’m so flat out at the minute with my makeup business but I know it will happen. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Good luck xx


  1. Hi Deb,
    Wow❕ I just know that I fell onto your page or post or site for us. Lol not reslly, cuz there’d tons more people out there that I hope take your fantastic, up lifting, advise and motivational words…
    And Thank you❕
    More soon about my dream business my healing practice…..
    God bless


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