Too Comfortable?

Recently someone posed a question to me – should I be living for happiness or contentment?  Without thinking, I answered, “happiness of course!


It seems contentment has become somewhat of a disease, at least in the United States.  I see people everyday – traveling down the same packed freeway, going to the same office, following the same routine and then going home at night exhausted.  That doesn’t sound like happiness to me.  It sounds like comfortable.  We get comfortable in a routine – it feels safe, there is no challenge and therefore no fear.  We are content – and we survive.  The problem with that?

We are meant to THRIVE not just survive.

If you google the following quote by O. Woodward, “Success begins on the Other Side of Your Comfort Zone” you will get thousands of results.  It is an often quoted phrase for bloggers, motivational speakers and business coaches.  That is because it is true!   We need to do something different, change something, take action . . . . .step out of our comfort zone . . . . . in order to achieve anything.

So what stops us?  What makes us accept comfortable over happy?


I think we have become so programmed to accept the status quo and seek contentment that we have lost the motivation to pursue anything more.  It is scary to take risks – like quitting a job that makes you miserable, moving to a new place just because you want to experience a new environment, or approaching a stranger “just to talk”.  But you know what?   People who are successful in life are people who refuse to let fear stop them from anything. They are adventurers, never afraid to try something new.

They Aren’t Afraid to Fail

I have always told my kids – if you want something – go after it.  The only person who is really a failure is the person who never tries.  (I don’t know who first said that, but my mother used to say it to me all the time.)  If there is something you really want to do – you research it, you dream about it, you talk to others about it.  You get excited about the prospect of doing something new!  Then one or more people start talking about the negatives – “oh, that will not work”doubt 

“oh that sounds risky”,wontwork

disapproval“oh I would be too afraid to do that”.

And there you go – now you start to worry – fear creeps in and you give up on that new adventure.  You probably think about that every once in a while and wonder – “but what if I had tried?”

I want you to write these statements on a note card.  Post that card on your bathroom mirror, on your computer at work, somewhere you will see it EVERYDAY.

I deserve to be happy!

I was created to live in abundance!

Contentment is a comfortable life, but I want more!

FEAR is only False Evidence Appearing Real and I will not let it stop me from living the life I dream of!

I am great!  I choose to have a positive attitude today and I am making a difference in this world!

You can add any additional statements that you feel motivated by.  Now, you have to read these statements, out loud, with conviction and believe them!  Do it everyday!  Do it twice, three times a day!   I know you will notice a difference in your life!    Please – come back and let me know if you try my suggestion and what happened.   Take care – live life to the fullest, always seek happiness and encourage others.  Success is yours, if you go after it.  Now go out there and be a role model for someone else!

Remember – you are great!  Thrive, don’t just survive – deb

Millennials and Success

I have noticed recently that the younger people, the generation termed “Millennials” have a different attitude about work, success and how they want to live their lives.


They have learned that working for a boss,  who doesn’t appreciate you and may very well lay you off at anytime, isn’t the way to succeed.  Success isn’t always about money and material things.  It is about time for oneself, travel, enjoying life, building a family and actually staying home and raising your children.

To that end – people are now much more open to alternative ways of making money, different types of careers and especially – being an entrepreneur.   We are beginning to see more and more people start their own business.   These people know – you cannot trade time for money and ever come out ahead.  There are only so many hours in a day, you are just one person and no one is really going to pay you what you are worth.  Spending 4 years at a University is quite expensive and most cannot even afford it.  Then, you graduate and are even assured of a job in the field you studied.  But you can be assured that those student loan payments will start coming due.

Over the years we have seen a drastic change in the U.S.A. – the land of opportunity.  In the past, family businesses flourished – they were the majority.  Then big business began to grow, and grow and force the family owned businesses out.  Big business has much deeper pockets and influence.  Now very few start up businesses succeed. The products offered by these big businesses are often made in other countries.  In my opinion, the products are cheap, not good for us and everyone knows it.  Yet, we keep shopping and buying and making the rich man richer while the poor get poorer.  Did you realize that the middle class is actually shrinking?  

The costs to start a business are quite high.  There is a significant learning curve and not much support.    So what do we do if we are sick of working for someone else, sick of the hours and how they limit our enjoyment of life?  What do we do if we just have an entrepreneurial spirit – we just want to own our own business?  We know there has got to be a better way. . . . .

Now the “Millennials” that I referred to – they have open minds and look for opportunities.  They aren’t afraid to work hard . . . .IF . .there is a big payout at the end.  They see the potential in Network Marketing!   I have watched young women get so excited by the opportunity to own a business.  They find products they love and tell everyone about them.   These people are excited!  They share the business opportunity with anyone who will listen.  If someone isn’t interested then they just move on to someone else.  It seems to be a new mindset.  There is another way out there and we have a job to let everyone know about it.  It is like a huge movement – people taking back their lives, realizing they were meant for so much more and pursuing their dreams.

Social media and technology have made Network Marketing much easier.  I am able to run my international business from anywhere in the world.  All I need is my phone, computer and internet access.  I host meetings in my living room – in my pajamas – with 25-50 people around the world discussing our team activities and sharing our achievements.  I can introduce someone I have never met to my business and get them started even if they are thousands of miles away.  It is really amazing.

How many success stories

do you have to hear, before you decide

to write your own?

I know, there are still a lot of doubters out there.

“Those things never work!”  “That’s one of those pyramid schemes.”    “Only the people that got in the company at the ground floor ever get to the top.”


I am here to tell you – none of those are true.




Let me tell you about a young woman who, at the age of 19, took a chance.   She lives in the United Kingdom and joined  up with a friend who told her about a business.  The opportunity excited her – she jumped in with both feet and knew she had found a way to help herself and others.  She knew there were alot of young women and men that were struggling and couldn’t find decent jobs.  At the age of 21, this girl has reached the 3rd level in her company and has helped several other young women begin to dream and really live.  The oldest person on her team is 23 years of age.  Just recently she was rewarded with a grand celebration and a Mercedes Benz – paid for by her company.  So yes, it really does work – if you work.

So – any thoughts?  I would love to hear what you readers think about network marketing.

Comment with questions or opinions.  If you are a successful networker, share your story.  If you are a “Millennial”  let me know if you agree.



Don’t go broke building your business!

success+quote+hd+wallpaper[1]I am passionate about helping others succeed through owning their own business.  My joy truly comes from seeing their successes and watching them grow and become leaders.  It is the true evidence of “the ripple effect”.

One tells one, tells one, tells one – you never really know whose life you will touch and change through your journey.   You also never know whose life might be completely different if you were to quit.  Someone you have never met may be searching for something that your business can indirectly bring to them.

Don’t Quit!  You don’t even know who may be counting on you to help them!

One of the things I have noticed while coaching others and researching different aspects of business, is that there are a lot of people out there competing for business with the start-up entrepreneur market.  It is very tempting to reach out for any promises of quick business growth when you first start out.  Unfortunately, there are no short cuts, no substitution for hard work and relationship building.  I teach my business builders to follow a system within their team – it has worked for those that have succeeded before them.  Usually the system has been adjusted and/or improved as those that have been through it find out what does and doesn’t work.  Don’t waste your time re-inventing the wheel – take advantage of what others in your industry have learned along the way.

Do You Need a Business Coach?

Sure, anyone can benefit from a business coach.  Now that doesn’t mean you have to pay thousands of dollars for that business coach. There are quite a few well known and expensive business coaches you see out there. They tell you how he/she can show you a system that will get you hundreds of customers in a short time.  They tell you how it has worked for them.   They have made millions and couldn’t believe it!  Oh how it changed their lives,  and are now they are willing to share their secrets with you.   By the way – they say “check out this other program – my friend has agreed to give you his tips also when you purchase my program”.  It is always an incredible value.

Sound familiar?   There are so many people out there marketing programs to help network marketers.  I actually think it is funny.  So many people think so negatively about network marketers.  Network marketing, or direct selling, has become a huge profession and those who do it right are very proud of what they do.  The network marketing industry is a fast growing industry and is creating quite a few millionaires. Now others have figured out how to get rich by marketing to network marketers.  Wow! It’s crazy how there are so many people who just wait to take advantage of others.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some excellent business coaches out there.  They aren’t the ones you hear about all over the Internet.  The best business coach would be someone who is helping others in your specific company and team.  It should be someone who knows your business and the products you promote.  The best thing to do is find mentors in your business area.  Find someone who you look up to who has been successful and study them.  If you study enough leaders you often find that they have a lot of similar characteristics.  Please, never spend thousands of dollars for a coach who you never get to work with personally and who is “coaching” hundreds (if not thousands) of others at the same time. You can recognize them – they all look pretty much the same – flashy smiles, gorgeous designer clothes, they are always happy and laughing – they tell about their travels and post on social media from glamorous places.  If you listen closely – you may notice that they all say similar things.  They have “branded” themselves and studied what people are attracted to.   Yes, they are good business people – they know marketing and industry trends. They study!  They network!

So, a word of caution regarding all those “business coaches”  and “internet marketing experts”.   Visit one of their websites.  Read through their offers.  They usually have to do with offering you something for free in exchange for your email.  Then you will receive daily emails telling you about free webinars or other giveaways.  After you have gotten several “free” lists or articles of advice then they will offer a “rarely available university, academy or seminar that is a phenomenal value”.  They start to reel you in.   Sound familiar?   Maybe you actually purchased one of these trainings, academies, seminars.  Funny thing is – what you learn in these programs, is how to develop and repeat the process you just got reeled in through.

Save your money, invest in your business and your products.  If you aren’t succeeding don’t think you can buy success.  Here are a few tips that work for every business and everybody.

  1.  There is no get rich quick scheme.  Unless you win the lottery, you will have to put in time and effort to build your business.

  2.  You must believe in your product and yourself.  If you don’t – why would anyone else?

  3. Study great leaders and successful business people.  Read the books they have written.  Work on self-development everyday.  You have to grow yourself in order to maximize your success, leadership skills and influence.

  4. Dream big – have a huge vision that will drive you and motivate you.  Believe in your vision – see yourself succeeding.  Speak success and remain positive.  Remember, nothing positive comes from a negative mind.

Everyday I do a few things:  Pray and thank God for my blessings – Read something for self growth or leadership – talk to people, make new relationships.

shellSuccess is a series of habits, repeated daily.

I hope this post has been helpful to you.  Also, I do hope that you will continue to press on – so many people quit just before they reach success.  If you plant the seeds it takes time and tending for them to produce.

Please comment with any thoughts – I love to know that my posts help or at least get you thinking.  I don’t even mind if you challenge my ideas.    Best wishes – BELIEVE!

Science meets Nature


As a healthcare provider, I always research product claims.  Some of the information I have found is actually scary!  So that is how I was led to using Arbonne products. I found that they didn’t make false claims, they just made good, pure products based on science and tested in clinical trials.   Then I got a little lazy and bored and tried some other “natural” products.  I wasted money on stuff that I really didn’t like and my skin suffered for it.  One day my husband said – “Maybe you should just use that Arbonne stuff – your skin sure looked a lot better then”.  

Hilariously-Surprised-DogsWhat????   a husband who actually notices a difference in your skin?   Well, you can believe I got more Arbonne as quick as I could.


Why Arbonne?

There is actually a scientific advisory board and Peter Matravers (photo at top) who is a Pharm D.  So, I know that there is science behind the products I use.  Dr. Matravers has quite a few patents in the cosmetic/beauty industry.  When you can trust that the products you are getting are  pure and actually beneficial to your skin that means alot.  The botanicals make the products smell amazing – just a light scent and natural – not heavy perfumes.  I get products that do what they say they will do.   They are concentrated and last so I don’t have to purchase as often.

Arbonne is always on the cutting edge, keeping up with current trends.  Just this month they announced a bunch of great new products!  I will highlight the Genius Ultra tomorrow – a device that delivers ultrasonic waves to your skin.

All in all, I found products that I really like, that I can trust, and that come with a 45 day money back guarantee.  And then I share those products with people I know and make a pretty nice income.   So what’s not to love?

Curious?  I would love to help you with any skin problems or questions or just get you some samples.  If you aren’t interested – you may have a friend or know someone – so send them my way.

Click on this link to get to my website where there is plenty of information and some pretty pictures.   Thanks for taking time to read along today!  Enjoy the day . . . . .and be good to your skin – it’s the only skin you get!



Love the skin you’re in!




So they say wrinkles are a sign of character.  Well, as far as I know most people would prefer to erase or cover up wrinkles on their face in order to look younger.  In fact, the skin care industry is a rapidly expanding global market.  I have found statistics to show that the global cosmetic industry was a 460 billion dollar industry in 2014 and estimated to reach 675 billion by 2012.  That is a market increase of 6.4% per year. Apparently people are spending money on their skin and make up!

 So, what do women want from their skincare products?

“There’s an overall market shift taking place in skincare, “ says Andrea Van Dam, CEO of Women’s Marketing. “Women are doing their research. Widespread use of the internet and social media has resulted in women becoming more informed and knowledgeable shoppers. They’re concerned about ingredient safety, increasingly aware of the latest world-wide beauty trends, and are paralyzed by too many choices. They want natural products, prestige trends at mass market prices, and more effective tools to help them navigate the skincare aisle,” she advises.

There are many formulas out there – creams, serums, oils, potions that promise great results.  Actually, one could go quite broke searching for that miracle cream.

Newsflash . . . . . . there is no miracle cream – wrinkles will not vanish – you won’t look 10 years younger overnight!    But not to give up hope – there are some things you can do to look younger, brighter and help your skin feel great!

  • Drink plenty of water, eat a healthy diet and get 6-8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Take care of your skin!   Wash morning and night to remove pollutants, irritants.
  • Nourish your skin with vitamins, emollients that actually penetrate the skin.  Our skin loves Vitamin C.  But you have to use vitamin C that can be absorbed and that is active.  Collagen is the supportive network in our skin. Unfortunately collagen is too big of a molecule to be absorbed when put on the skin.  ShareIt_Instagram_RE9-CorrectiveEyeCream

Your skin needs to breathe!  Don’t plug up your pores with petroleum or vaseline or other nasty chemicals.  Did you know petroleum is a by product of oil refinement.  It is a waste product – in other words – trash – cheap.  Is that what you want to put on your face at night?   It clogs the pores so that air and moisture cannot penetrate.  Essentially it seals in the dirt.

I am an Independent Consultant with Arbonne, International.  So of course, I recommend Arbonne skin care products.  But that is not just because it is my business.  It is my business because I trust and love the products!   The products do what they say they will do – they make fine lines less noticeable, skin feels softer, looks brighter – they don’t claim to erase wrinkles.  A good deal of science goes into creating these products. Dr. Peter Matravers , Pharm D studies and develops products for Arbonne.  He actually holds several patents for skin care products and nutritional products that are botanically based. Arbonne actually tests it’s products independently and is involved in third party clinical trials.

Arbonne’s market share continues to grow each year while the other big names like Clinique, Lauder, etc are fairly stagnant.  I believe that is because consumers are now more informed – we look at labels and search for harmful ingredients that we wish to avoid.

groupAnother thing about Arbonne – they never pay models to advertise a product they don’t use.  All of the advertising and print media has actual consultants who use the products.

So if you want skin care that:

does what it says – contains no harmful chemicals – is good for your skin – smells fresh and clean with pure botanicals and not fragrance – comes with a 45 day money back guarantee – always includes a personal consultant who will help you discover what is best for your skin . . . . .

Then message me or click on my website

Be good to your skin – it’s the only skin you get!  







      Yesterday I talked about caring for your baby’s skin and avoiding harmful chemicals.  Well – that mess in the diaper?  That’s not always an easy clean up.  I think back about how many of those diaper wipes I used on my kids when they were babies.  Wow!  as if buying diapers isn’t costly enough – those wipes are crazy.
      Besides, have you ever seen the red bumpy rash that babies get on their faces when you use a baby wipe to clean off their face?  That is probably related to the chemicals or alcohol in those wipes.


Plastic container with sealing lid (or old baby wipe container)ABC

One roll of quilted paper towels

Cut paper towel roll in half

Mix together:

2 cups distilled water

1 Tablespoon Arbonne ABC lotion

1 Tablespoon Arbonne ABC Wash

1 teaspoon Arbonne skin conditioning oil

      If you have difficulty mixing, try warming the water. When all is mixed, pour over paper towels in the container.  Let soak 5 minutes then remove the cardboard tube from towels. For gifts you can decorate the outside of the container with ribbon, twine or embellishments.
      And another great perk – you will notice the wipes make your hands oh so soft!    So . . . what’s not to love?  Contact me for help in obtaining Arbonne products

or shop right here!

    Contact me via email for 20% discount for blog readers (all year long!)


Newborn babies have the softest, sweetest skin.  As a parent, you want to keep that soft baby skin and protect it from dryness, harmful chemicals and other damaging things.

Well, Arbonne has got the answer!



A complete skin care line for babies!   Tear free body wash and shampoo, 24 hour moisturizing lotion, protective diaper cream and even SPF 30 sunscreen.  All of these products are scientifically formulated to be safe for your baby and deliver great skin care at the same time.

These products have gentle cleansers and skin softeners

All products are vegan, never tested on animals, no petrolatum, no talc other other harmful chemicals

Botanically based formulas with cottonseed, sandalwood and hibiscus for a pleasant smell

I have had great reports from clients who have used these products on their precious ones.  I see less rashes and I have seen great results with eczema (not just on the babies).  In my experience I have seen a red, itching, bleeding rash on my grandson’s legs improve in 2 days and be completely healed in a week.  With daily use he has not had more outbreaks!  I have done a lot of research into chemicals in personal care products and the way Arbonne products are formulated.  I can promise you, these products are truly “the best of science and nature”.

As they say – a picture is worth a thousand wordsbefore and after


I would love to be able to help you try these products for your kids! Comment below or email me for samples.  My website is here if you are interested in more info.  As always, readers who contact me will receive at least a 20% discount.  Also makes a great baby shower gift set!

Baby skin!

Pure Genius!

geniusWhoever came up with the name Genius for these products was sure on their game.  That is because these products really are pure genius.  They promise soft, moisturized skin with improved texture and tone, elasticity and firmness.  And I can tell you . ..  .


In as little as 2 hours:

• 90% revealed significantly smoother skin texture.

• 90% exhibited more radiant skin.

• 80% showed significant improvement in skin clarity.

After 2 weeks:

• 96% showed significant improvement in skin clarity.

• 94% exhibited more radiant skin.

• 75% had improved skin firmness and elasticity. Based on an expert clinical graded study.

(results from Arbonne website and independent clinical trial).

Botanicals.  Safe and pure substances from nature.  Skin just loves those botanicals.

Phytinol – from alfalfa and chicory plants, rejuvenates and signals cells – promotes cell turnover and clear, brighter skin

Ceramide – a complex molecule of sea buckthorn oil and olive oil that help moisturize

Red Algae – firms and tones skin

These are gathered together in a polypeptide that supports the elastin and collagen in our skin.  Topical collagen is too big of a molecule to absorb into the skin. So,  we can’t actually put more collagen on our skin but we can support the collagen we have.   Also in the Genius products are retinoids which help fade dark spots and remove skin discoloration. Again cells are turned over much like microdermabrasion or chemical peels.  Mandelic acid is an alpha-hydoxy acid that comes from bitter almonds.  These products all work together for improved skin.   I have definitely seen results. So many others have also – there are tons of testimonials out there.    Here is a little video for you: Arbonne Intelligence Genius

fresh pour

The results from the Genius products is equivalent to some results you get at a  dermatologists office.  For much less cost.  Message me for more info or check out my website – Deb’s Arbonne       I always offer my followers at least a 20% discount.

I love that your pour the active product out of a sealed bottle.  You know that’s fresh.  With these botanicals and moisturizers you avoid the redness and irritation you might get with other such products.


Do you love your job?

Seriously, do you love your job?

Are you joking? you say . . . .


You need to love your job because you spend most of your life working.  If you work 40 hours per week – then you work 2080 hours per year.  Say you work for 40 years – that is 83,200 hours of your life – AT WORK.

So . . . .that is a lot of time to spend at something you don’t love.


There is that saying out there, “if you follow your passion and do what you love, you will never work another day in your life”.  I believe we were all meant to follow our passion, enjoy our work and do a really good job at it.  Our work should fulfill us.  How often is that the case these days?  Sadly, not very often.  I feel so blessed that I have always loved my job.  My passion is helping others feel good – sharing information that can help them in their lives.  For many years as a nurse and Nurse Practitioner I have been fortunate to witness positive changes in people.

But often, even if we love WHAT we do, we don’t necessarily love WHO we do it for.  It is so hard to work hard, put in a lot of hours doing your very best only to see that it’s the CEO or “person at the top” that makes the profit.   Now I have my own business – I am directly rewarded for working hard.  My job now is to share products that people enjoy using, that make them look better and feel better about themselves.  I also get to help others start their own businesses.  This is the most rewarding!  I am so grateful that I can show people how to make an extra $500 or $1000 per month.  For some this has been the difference in being able to keep their homes.  Now that is rewarding!   And yes –


Follow your passion and you will never work another day in your life!

I followed my passion, so I never have to work another day in my life.  I inspire others, coach them, support them and see them reach their goals.

 0216_arbonne_global_training_conference_celebration_eventIf you are at all interested in health, wellness, fitness, make up or skincare – you can start your own business for under $100 dollars.  You will have support every step of the way.  If you have a laptop and a cell phone – you can run a business.  I really would love to show you how . I will be posting a video in the next few days talking about how we all need a Plan B.  I would be happy to send you information and there is no commitment –  if it’s not for you then you might know someone else who would be interested?     comment below or email me with questions or for more info.   deb

My Friend Frank!

frankincensce    Today I am showcasing FRANKINCENSE essential oil.  Yes, this oil is my friend and I use it every single day!  In fact, I have noticed everyone in my house has started using my friend everyday.   Hmmm – must be pretty good, right?

Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) has been sought after since ancient times. The oil comes from the resin of the Boswellia tree pictured above.  These trees are found in Africa and the Middle East. The complex aroma of this oil can elevate many aspects of your life. Diffusing frankincense oil has effects on your spirit and emotions. It seems to improve my focus and help me come up with new ideas and work out problems.

Frankincense essential oil has an earthy, slightly spicy and warm aroma. The Young Living website says: “Create a safe and comforting environment when you diffuse or inhale this empowering oil—a perfect opportunity to collect your thoughts. When you seek purpose or engage in prayer or meditation, use this oil to enhance your experience.”

In addition to elevated spiritual experiences,  Frankincense essential oil is  great for your skin. It smooths your skin and makes it more radiant.  This is an oil that has been used since ancient times for beauty products.


What makes these oils work, anyway?

The monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes are the most valuable elements of frankincense oil.  According to the book Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley, monoterpenes help prevent and discharge toxins from your liver and kidneys, and have antiseptic, antibacterial, stimulating, analgesic (weak), and expectorant properties.   Meanwhile, sesquiterpenes can go beyond the blood-brain barrier and simulate the limbic system of your brain, as well as your hypothalamus, and pineal and pituitary glands.

Here is a little beauty secret – Frankincense oil was used by Egyptian royalty to maintain beautiful, firm and wrinkle free skin.  It was also one the gifts the 3 Wise Men presented to baby Jesus.

I put 1-2 drops of Frankincense oil in with my facial moisturizer every evening – it smells good and is so good for my skin.  The oil improves cellular function, promotes regeneration of skin cells and is also an astringent.  Soooo . . . . good for your skin!


Look back at my previous post where I cite a couple references of how frankincense has been shown to destroy certain cancer cells.  The sources and links to the scientific data is in that post.

Now that you have met my friend, Frank – what do you think?  Need a friend like Frank?  Let me know if you have tried frankincense oil and how you use it.   Thanks and I hope these posts are helpful.   For further information follow this link .  I would love to help you get started with essential oils, so feel free to message me with questions.  See you tomorrow!    deb