Millennials and Success

I have noticed recently that the younger people, the generation termed “Millennials” have a different attitude about work, success and how they want to live their lives.


They have learned that working for a boss,  who doesn’t appreciate you and may very well lay you off at anytime, isn’t the way to succeed.  Success isn’t always about money and material things.  It is about time for oneself, travel, enjoying life, building a family and actually staying home and raising your children.

To that end – people are now much more open to alternative ways of making money, different types of careers and especially – being an entrepreneur.   We are beginning to see more and more people start their own business.   These people know – you cannot trade time for money and ever come out ahead.  There are only so many hours in a day, you are just one person and no one is really going to pay you what you are worth.  Spending 4 years at a University is quite expensive and most cannot even afford it.  Then, you graduate and are even assured of a job in the field you studied.  But you can be assured that those student loan payments will start coming due.

Over the years we have seen a drastic change in the U.S.A. – the land of opportunity.  In the past, family businesses flourished – they were the majority.  Then big business began to grow, and grow and force the family owned businesses out.  Big business has much deeper pockets and influence.  Now very few start up businesses succeed. The products offered by these big businesses are often made in other countries.  In my opinion, the products are cheap, not good for us and everyone knows it.  Yet, we keep shopping and buying and making the rich man richer while the poor get poorer.  Did you realize that the middle class is actually shrinking?  

The costs to start a business are quite high.  There is a significant learning curve and not much support.    So what do we do if we are sick of working for someone else, sick of the hours and how they limit our enjoyment of life?  What do we do if we just have an entrepreneurial spirit – we just want to own our own business?  We know there has got to be a better way. . . . .

Now the “Millennials” that I referred to – they have open minds and look for opportunities.  They aren’t afraid to work hard . . . .IF . .there is a big payout at the end.  They see the potential in Network Marketing!   I have watched young women get so excited by the opportunity to own a business.  They find products they love and tell everyone about them.   These people are excited!  They share the business opportunity with anyone who will listen.  If someone isn’t interested then they just move on to someone else.  It seems to be a new mindset.  There is another way out there and we have a job to let everyone know about it.  It is like a huge movement – people taking back their lives, realizing they were meant for so much more and pursuing their dreams.

Social media and technology have made Network Marketing much easier.  I am able to run my international business from anywhere in the world.  All I need is my phone, computer and internet access.  I host meetings in my living room – in my pajamas – with 25-50 people around the world discussing our team activities and sharing our achievements.  I can introduce someone I have never met to my business and get them started even if they are thousands of miles away.  It is really amazing.

How many success stories

do you have to hear, before you decide

to write your own?

I know, there are still a lot of doubters out there.

“Those things never work!”  “That’s one of those pyramid schemes.”    “Only the people that got in the company at the ground floor ever get to the top.”


I am here to tell you – none of those are true.




Let me tell you about a young woman who, at the age of 19, took a chance.   She lives in the United Kingdom and joined  up with a friend who told her about a business.  The opportunity excited her – she jumped in with both feet and knew she had found a way to help herself and others.  She knew there were alot of young women and men that were struggling and couldn’t find decent jobs.  At the age of 21, this girl has reached the 3rd level in her company and has helped several other young women begin to dream and really live.  The oldest person on her team is 23 years of age.  Just recently she was rewarded with a grand celebration and a Mercedes Benz – paid for by her company.  So yes, it really does work – if you work.

So – any thoughts?  I would love to hear what you readers think about network marketing.

Comment with questions or opinions.  If you are a successful networker, share your story.  If you are a “Millennial”  let me know if you agree.



Do you love your job?

Seriously, do you love your job?

Are you joking? you say . . . .


You need to love your job because you spend most of your life working.  If you work 40 hours per week – then you work 2080 hours per year.  Say you work for 40 years – that is 83,200 hours of your life – AT WORK.

So . . . .that is a lot of time to spend at something you don’t love.


There is that saying out there, “if you follow your passion and do what you love, you will never work another day in your life”.  I believe we were all meant to follow our passion, enjoy our work and do a really good job at it.  Our work should fulfill us.  How often is that the case these days?  Sadly, not very often.  I feel so blessed that I have always loved my job.  My passion is helping others feel good – sharing information that can help them in their lives.  For many years as a nurse and Nurse Practitioner I have been fortunate to witness positive changes in people.

But often, even if we love WHAT we do, we don’t necessarily love WHO we do it for.  It is so hard to work hard, put in a lot of hours doing your very best only to see that it’s the CEO or “person at the top” that makes the profit.   Now I have my own business – I am directly rewarded for working hard.  My job now is to share products that people enjoy using, that make them look better and feel better about themselves.  I also get to help others start their own businesses.  This is the most rewarding!  I am so grateful that I can show people how to make an extra $500 or $1000 per month.  For some this has been the difference in being able to keep their homes.  Now that is rewarding!   And yes –


Follow your passion and you will never work another day in your life!

I followed my passion, so I never have to work another day in my life.  I inspire others, coach them, support them and see them reach their goals.

 0216_arbonne_global_training_conference_celebration_eventIf you are at all interested in health, wellness, fitness, make up or skincare – you can start your own business for under $100 dollars.  You will have support every step of the way.  If you have a laptop and a cell phone – you can run a business.  I really would love to show you how . I will be posting a video in the next few days talking about how we all need a Plan B.  I would be happy to send you information and there is no commitment –  if it’s not for you then you might know someone else who would be interested?     comment below or email me with questions or for more info.   deb

A Gift for the New Year

53ae319ea2fb48b384c04efe74455a8fI am so blessed to have been given a gift a year ago – the gift of my own business.  My dream has always been to own my own business, be my own boss and work when I want.  Problem is, I always just thought of it as a dream.  Now I see that it is so possible – I own my own business and love building it!  I have had incredible support from my team, inspiring mentors and leaders.

No it isn’t easy and “get rich quick” – but it is so worth it.  My business is simple and just takes consistent effort.  Now I want to pass the gift on.   I want to offer this business to 2 people before the end of 2015.

 Let’s make 2016 the best year ever!

I will be your personal business coach for no charge.

I will guide you through a year long personal development program.

Nothing would make me happier than seeing you succeed and be happy.

Take a few minutes to watch this video – this business will change your life


Email me now if you want one of those 2 spots and are ready to make 2016 the best year ever!

The Four Year Career

Welcome back!  Here is part 3 in my series on Network Marketing.

beach-office Because I want a job I can do on the beach and a job I don’t need to take a vacation from, I am building an international business.  After a lot of research, a lot of education and a lot of hours in the workforce I found that network marketing is the only way to go!

It is just such a misunderstood profession.  There is an excellent book by Richard Brooke, “The Four Year Career” that clears up any misconceptions.  This is a business for almost anyone – anyone who has a dream and is willing to work hard for a short time to achieve that dream. The best part, helping others achieve their dreams.

Ask yourself this:  If I keep doing what I’m doing where will I be in 5 years?

Network marketing can be very low cost to start.  Unlike traditional businesses there is very little overhead.  If you have a voice, a computer, a cell phone – you can run a global business working as little as 10-20 hours per week.  It is low risk – what have you got to lose?   Take advantage of the company which will provide shipping, research and development, customer support, training, websites, etc. for you at no cost. If you hate your current job or find it is taking up all your time, keeping you from family and things you enjoy – this may be the only option to get out.

How Does it Work?

Find a product and company you truly believe in and are passionate about.  If the product is consumable (used daily and re purchased, like shampoo or soap or a daily drink) then you will have repeat business when customers need the product. Check out the company also and they support they provide, their business history.

Use the products, talk about the products, share your passion with everyone!  Find people who need what you have and go help them. Share the great business opportunity and help and support people as they start their own business with your team.

Stay “plugged in” – listen to others in your business, read positive mindset books,  listen to trainings from your company.  Find someone to mentor you – they can show you a simple system for success.

What’s In It for Me?

1. you receive a commission on everything you sell
2. you get your own products at a substantial discount
3. if you help others start their businesses, you get paid on the work they do, the products they sell
4. if those people use the products, share with others and help others start businesses – you get paid on those sales! 

This continues on and on from one person to another.  The “ripple effect”:  by helping one person build a business you can actually be helping someone across the world build a business.  It is really amazing when you think about it.

A lot of people will say, “I tried that – it doesn’t work.”  No, it doesn’t if you aren’t willing to work and be consistent. Most of those people quit after they didn’t get rich in a few months.   I know quite a few successful people – who work less than 20 hours a week, vacation regularly – and receive a 6 figure paycheck MONTHLY.  

So, check out that book, The Four Year Career.  You can take a look at my website for an example of how I run a business with amazing products and no inventory .  Feel free to comment or even email me.  I love sharing info about network marketing and would love to talk with you – no strings attached, no sales pitch – I promise.


Go chase those dreams!


Have a great day, thanks for reading – and most of all, I hope this brightens your day and makes you realize you can dust off those dreams, take them down off the shelf and start living them!   deb.

It’s a Relationship Business

Network Marketing, Part 2

Yesterday I shared the negative ideas about network marketing.  Today I want to show you why I am so passionate about this profession and how it may even be something you are looking for.


Networking done right is really about building relationships.  We meet and talk to people and discover what their dreams are, what they need and are looking for.  Then we show them a product or how this business can meet those needs.  If they are interested, great!  They can build a business with the support of an entire team of successful leaders.  That is my joy – helping others and seeing them succeed!  This business is not about forcing people to buy things they do not need or cannot afford.  It is not about signing them up to start a business they really aren’t even interested in.

What’s so great about Network Marketing?

There are so many reasons I am passionate about this profession.  The person who introduced me to the business is still my greatest supporter and friend.  We have a bond that is so strong and she is always there for me, and vice versa. It is a business that changes peoples’ lives.  I have seen people be able to avoid foreclosure, make their car payments, survive despite job loss.  It is many things to many people.

 1. You are a business owner.  No boss but you.

2. You decide when and where you want to work.

3. Tax benefits – write offs for business expenses, phone, car, meals, supplies, travel.

4. Unlimited income – you get paid based on what you do.  And then you keep getting paid on that initial work.  You can get paid while you sleep or vacation.  What?  yes, it is called residual income

5.  It’s a personal development program with a pay check at the end.  The people that are successful really work on developing themselves.  Positive thinking, changing your mindset, developing self confidence.  I have seen shy, quiet people grow into leaders who light up a room and speak confidently in front of huge audiences.

6.  Working together, going through struggles, supporting each other develops great friendships.  I have great relationships with people across the globe as a result of building my own business.

7. Retirement income and the ability to enjoy the retirement years with a lifestyle many just dream about.  There is no other job that provides for retirement years in that way.

8. Incentives and bonuses.  Does your job reward you with Tiffany jewelry, send you flowers on your birthday, send you on cruises or to Hawaii with all expenses paid?  No, probably not.  Mine does – luxurious trips at least twice a year with wonderful experiences that I could only dream of before.

If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.

Okay – part 3 tomorrow – how does network marketing work and the ripple effect.

Beach-Chairs-Wallpaper-WideThanks for taking time to read about my passion.  Please, comment or contact me if you have questions or need more info.  deb

Network Marketing, A bad word?


If someone asks what I do and I say “network marketing”, the usual answer is “Oh, you aren’t getting me in one of those pyramid schemes. ” Others just try to think of an excuse to get away and then don’t answer telephone calls or texts.  So,  I have set out on a mission to educate people on what exactly network marketing is.  I believe there are quite a few people out there who need network marketing.  This is a business with so many benefits and it really has changed a lot of lives.  Look at Robert Kiyosaki up there in that picture – he knows networking is the best business model.

Networks are simply the people we know and talk to – friends, family, co-workers. We share ideas, experiences with them.   Think of it this way:

You go to a new restaurant that just opened.  The food you had there was so good and the service was great.  So, you tell a few friends about the place and they go there for dinner.  Then they tell a few friends, and those people tell a few others and so on.  Does the restaurant send you a commission check?  Of course not – but they should because you sent them business.


You have to be pushy.  You should just focus on selling your product and signing up people. Network marketing is a way to get rich quick. You don’t have to work hard.  It costs a lot of money to get started and you have to buy a lot of inventory.   All, not true.  Oh yea, I know there are a lot of pushy people out there trying to sell you things you don’t need and they just won’t go away.  That is how network marketing became a bad word.

The Truth

No one likes pushy people, so being pushy is not the way to go.  True networking professionals believe in their product and their profession.  They see their job as helping others.  So if my product isn’t for you, I’m not going to try to sell it to you.  If you are struggling or maybe just lost your job or need a little extra income – yes, I am going to tell you about my business because I believe it may be the answer for you.

The Business for the Current Economy            The days of being rewarded for your loyalty are long gone.  Our economy has changed. We are moving to a productivity based system.  You have to work harder and harder to meet quotas and the big bonuses that are out there are nearly impossible to attain – but they do get you to work harder and harder.  So, you go to work and use your time to build someone else’s dream.  The more time you give them the more money you get.  The problem is you only have so much time you can trade for money. Not to mention that your boss can lay you off at anytime.  Then what do you do?  You definitely need a Plan B to fall back on.  Don’t wait until it is too late . . . .

Let me know in the comments what you think of network marketing.  Feel free to email me for more information or if you have questions.


Part two tomorrow – what’s in it for you?