Too Comfortable?

Recently someone posed a question to me – should I be living for happiness or contentment?  Without thinking, I answered, “happiness of course!


It seems contentment has become somewhat of a disease, at least in the United States.  I see people everyday – traveling down the same packed freeway, going to the same office, following the same routine and then going home at night exhausted.  That doesn’t sound like happiness to me.  It sounds like comfortable.  We get comfortable in a routine – it feels safe, there is no challenge and therefore no fear.  We are content – and we survive.  The problem with that?

We are meant to THRIVE not just survive.

If you google the following quote by O. Woodward, “Success begins on the Other Side of Your Comfort Zone” you will get thousands of results.  It is an often quoted phrase for bloggers, motivational speakers and business coaches.  That is because it is true!   We need to do something different, change something, take action . . . . .step out of our comfort zone . . . . . in order to achieve anything.

So what stops us?  What makes us accept comfortable over happy?


I think we have become so programmed to accept the status quo and seek contentment that we have lost the motivation to pursue anything more.  It is scary to take risks – like quitting a job that makes you miserable, moving to a new place just because you want to experience a new environment, or approaching a stranger “just to talk”.  But you know what?   People who are successful in life are people who refuse to let fear stop them from anything. They are adventurers, never afraid to try something new.

They Aren’t Afraid to Fail

I have always told my kids – if you want something – go after it.  The only person who is really a failure is the person who never tries.  (I don’t know who first said that, but my mother used to say it to me all the time.)  If there is something you really want to do – you research it, you dream about it, you talk to others about it.  You get excited about the prospect of doing something new!  Then one or more people start talking about the negatives – “oh, that will not work”doubt 

“oh that sounds risky”,wontwork

disapproval“oh I would be too afraid to do that”.

And there you go – now you start to worry – fear creeps in and you give up on that new adventure.  You probably think about that every once in a while and wonder – “but what if I had tried?”

I want you to write these statements on a note card.  Post that card on your bathroom mirror, on your computer at work, somewhere you will see it EVERYDAY.

I deserve to be happy!

I was created to live in abundance!

Contentment is a comfortable life, but I want more!

FEAR is only False Evidence Appearing Real and I will not let it stop me from living the life I dream of!

I am great!  I choose to have a positive attitude today and I am making a difference in this world!

You can add any additional statements that you feel motivated by.  Now, you have to read these statements, out loud, with conviction and believe them!  Do it everyday!  Do it twice, three times a day!   I know you will notice a difference in your life!    Please – come back and let me know if you try my suggestion and what happened.   Take care – live life to the fullest, always seek happiness and encourage others.  Success is yours, if you go after it.  Now go out there and be a role model for someone else!

Remember – you are great!  Thrive, don’t just survive – deb

Millennials and Success

I have noticed recently that the younger people, the generation termed “Millennials” have a different attitude about work, success and how they want to live their lives.


They have learned that working for a boss,  who doesn’t appreciate you and may very well lay you off at anytime, isn’t the way to succeed.  Success isn’t always about money and material things.  It is about time for oneself, travel, enjoying life, building a family and actually staying home and raising your children.

To that end – people are now much more open to alternative ways of making money, different types of careers and especially – being an entrepreneur.   We are beginning to see more and more people start their own business.   These people know – you cannot trade time for money and ever come out ahead.  There are only so many hours in a day, you are just one person and no one is really going to pay you what you are worth.  Spending 4 years at a University is quite expensive and most cannot even afford it.  Then, you graduate and are even assured of a job in the field you studied.  But you can be assured that those student loan payments will start coming due.

Over the years we have seen a drastic change in the U.S.A. – the land of opportunity.  In the past, family businesses flourished – they were the majority.  Then big business began to grow, and grow and force the family owned businesses out.  Big business has much deeper pockets and influence.  Now very few start up businesses succeed. The products offered by these big businesses are often made in other countries.  In my opinion, the products are cheap, not good for us and everyone knows it.  Yet, we keep shopping and buying and making the rich man richer while the poor get poorer.  Did you realize that the middle class is actually shrinking?  

The costs to start a business are quite high.  There is a significant learning curve and not much support.    So what do we do if we are sick of working for someone else, sick of the hours and how they limit our enjoyment of life?  What do we do if we just have an entrepreneurial spirit – we just want to own our own business?  We know there has got to be a better way. . . . .

Now the “Millennials” that I referred to – they have open minds and look for opportunities.  They aren’t afraid to work hard . . . .IF . .there is a big payout at the end.  They see the potential in Network Marketing!   I have watched young women get so excited by the opportunity to own a business.  They find products they love and tell everyone about them.   These people are excited!  They share the business opportunity with anyone who will listen.  If someone isn’t interested then they just move on to someone else.  It seems to be a new mindset.  There is another way out there and we have a job to let everyone know about it.  It is like a huge movement – people taking back their lives, realizing they were meant for so much more and pursuing their dreams.

Social media and technology have made Network Marketing much easier.  I am able to run my international business from anywhere in the world.  All I need is my phone, computer and internet access.  I host meetings in my living room – in my pajamas – with 25-50 people around the world discussing our team activities and sharing our achievements.  I can introduce someone I have never met to my business and get them started even if they are thousands of miles away.  It is really amazing.

How many success stories

do you have to hear, before you decide

to write your own?

I know, there are still a lot of doubters out there.

“Those things never work!”  “That’s one of those pyramid schemes.”    “Only the people that got in the company at the ground floor ever get to the top.”


I am here to tell you – none of those are true.




Let me tell you about a young woman who, at the age of 19, took a chance.   She lives in the United Kingdom and joined  up with a friend who told her about a business.  The opportunity excited her – she jumped in with both feet and knew she had found a way to help herself and others.  She knew there were alot of young women and men that were struggling and couldn’t find decent jobs.  At the age of 21, this girl has reached the 3rd level in her company and has helped several other young women begin to dream and really live.  The oldest person on her team is 23 years of age.  Just recently she was rewarded with a grand celebration and a Mercedes Benz – paid for by her company.  So yes, it really does work – if you work.

So – any thoughts?  I would love to hear what you readers think about network marketing.

Comment with questions or opinions.  If you are a successful networker, share your story.  If you are a “Millennial”  let me know if you agree.



Don’t go broke building your business!

success+quote+hd+wallpaper[1]I am passionate about helping others succeed through owning their own business.  My joy truly comes from seeing their successes and watching them grow and become leaders.  It is the true evidence of “the ripple effect”.

One tells one, tells one, tells one – you never really know whose life you will touch and change through your journey.   You also never know whose life might be completely different if you were to quit.  Someone you have never met may be searching for something that your business can indirectly bring to them.

Don’t Quit!  You don’t even know who may be counting on you to help them!

One of the things I have noticed while coaching others and researching different aspects of business, is that there are a lot of people out there competing for business with the start-up entrepreneur market.  It is very tempting to reach out for any promises of quick business growth when you first start out.  Unfortunately, there are no short cuts, no substitution for hard work and relationship building.  I teach my business builders to follow a system within their team – it has worked for those that have succeeded before them.  Usually the system has been adjusted and/or improved as those that have been through it find out what does and doesn’t work.  Don’t waste your time re-inventing the wheel – take advantage of what others in your industry have learned along the way.

Do You Need a Business Coach?

Sure, anyone can benefit from a business coach.  Now that doesn’t mean you have to pay thousands of dollars for that business coach. There are quite a few well known and expensive business coaches you see out there. They tell you how he/she can show you a system that will get you hundreds of customers in a short time.  They tell you how it has worked for them.   They have made millions and couldn’t believe it!  Oh how it changed their lives,  and are now they are willing to share their secrets with you.   By the way – they say “check out this other program – my friend has agreed to give you his tips also when you purchase my program”.  It is always an incredible value.

Sound familiar?   There are so many people out there marketing programs to help network marketers.  I actually think it is funny.  So many people think so negatively about network marketers.  Network marketing, or direct selling, has become a huge profession and those who do it right are very proud of what they do.  The network marketing industry is a fast growing industry and is creating quite a few millionaires. Now others have figured out how to get rich by marketing to network marketers.  Wow! It’s crazy how there are so many people who just wait to take advantage of others.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some excellent business coaches out there.  They aren’t the ones you hear about all over the Internet.  The best business coach would be someone who is helping others in your specific company and team.  It should be someone who knows your business and the products you promote.  The best thing to do is find mentors in your business area.  Find someone who you look up to who has been successful and study them.  If you study enough leaders you often find that they have a lot of similar characteristics.  Please, never spend thousands of dollars for a coach who you never get to work with personally and who is “coaching” hundreds (if not thousands) of others at the same time. You can recognize them – they all look pretty much the same – flashy smiles, gorgeous designer clothes, they are always happy and laughing – they tell about their travels and post on social media from glamorous places.  If you listen closely – you may notice that they all say similar things.  They have “branded” themselves and studied what people are attracted to.   Yes, they are good business people – they know marketing and industry trends. They study!  They network!

So, a word of caution regarding all those “business coaches”  and “internet marketing experts”.   Visit one of their websites.  Read through their offers.  They usually have to do with offering you something for free in exchange for your email.  Then you will receive daily emails telling you about free webinars or other giveaways.  After you have gotten several “free” lists or articles of advice then they will offer a “rarely available university, academy or seminar that is a phenomenal value”.  They start to reel you in.   Sound familiar?   Maybe you actually purchased one of these trainings, academies, seminars.  Funny thing is – what you learn in these programs, is how to develop and repeat the process you just got reeled in through.

Save your money, invest in your business and your products.  If you aren’t succeeding don’t think you can buy success.  Here are a few tips that work for every business and everybody.

  1.  There is no get rich quick scheme.  Unless you win the lottery, you will have to put in time and effort to build your business.

  2.  You must believe in your product and yourself.  If you don’t – why would anyone else?

  3. Study great leaders and successful business people.  Read the books they have written.  Work on self-development everyday.  You have to grow yourself in order to maximize your success, leadership skills and influence.

  4. Dream big – have a huge vision that will drive you and motivate you.  Believe in your vision – see yourself succeeding.  Speak success and remain positive.  Remember, nothing positive comes from a negative mind.

Everyday I do a few things:  Pray and thank God for my blessings – Read something for self growth or leadership – talk to people, make new relationships.

shellSuccess is a series of habits, repeated daily.

I hope this post has been helpful to you.  Also, I do hope that you will continue to press on – so many people quit just before they reach success.  If you plant the seeds it takes time and tending for them to produce.

Please comment with any thoughts – I love to know that my posts help or at least get you thinking.  I don’t even mind if you challenge my ideas.    Best wishes – BELIEVE!

Being Intentional

successWow – see how quick New Years Resolutions fade?  I haven’t posted on here in 3 weeks!  At least I haven’t been a total slacker – just been working on myself.  I was recently introduced to books by John Maxwell and have been reading “Intentional Living” . This book is a very easy read and is making a big difference in my life.  If you look at successful people, you will find that a majority of them live “intentionally”.  They have a plan for each day, and intentionally have certain habits.  Successful people don’t get there by chance, by being in the right place a the right time – they get there by living an intentional life.   This applies to everyone, no matter if you are an athlete, a student, a business person, a parent.   Having good intentions is just not enough – we have to take action not just think or wish.  This is where we achieve success – by acting on our good intentions.  It is a simple concept but sometimes it is easier and safer to think about doing something rather than actually taking action and doing it!

intentional“If you want to change the world, invest in helping another person to reach his or her potential”  J. Maxwell

Mr. Maxwell has written many books on self development, leadership and growth.  He is an excellent speaker and lives his life intentionally.  Check out his website linked above- I am participating in the 30 day journey of intentional living.  Already I see this concept changing my daily life and I have seen results in my business.  Have any of you read any John Maxwell books?  Comment and let me know what to read next 🙂

Take the first step today – take action and live intentionally.  Stop looking at your goals and “To Do” list and actually commit to doing one thing daily to help achieve your goal.

Let me know if this is helpful, especially if you follow through and start living intentionally!  deb

How was your year?

Now that it is a New Year we look back on 2015 and take stock of our success . . .or lack thereof.  Then we ask ourselves these questions:

                      So we are so much better off than we were a year ago, right?

We have had major accomplishments, reached all of our goals in the last year, right?

If we keep doing what we are doing, where will we be in 5 years?

If you aren’t excited by the answers to those questions, maybe you couldn’t wait for a New Year to begin –  then now is the time to do something different.  Have you heard that quote, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity”?  Unfortunately there are many  people out there stuck in a rut just dreaming and wishing for something different in their lives. I doubt there are many people out there who accomplish much without a plan. It is hard to achieve your goals if you don’t really know what your goals are.  So, there we have it . . . . you have got to set some goals and have a plan for the year.

Now . . . .don’t click away yet.  Oh stop it already – I can hear the groaning, I see you grimacing – it isn’t going to be that bad.  It won’t even take a lot of time.  baby-grimacing_i-g-49-4913-pxj9g00z





I know most people hate the thought of goal setting.  But give me a minute and maybe I can change your mind.  I have seen a lot of posts about goal setting, planning, agendas, planners, etc.  Really, it’s not that complicated and you don’t need a new book or brightly colored pens and tags to write down your goals.  Think about this for a moment:

l-48544 If you want to move forward and you have dreams and you believe in those dreams then you have to set some goals to reach the dreams.


Okay – take a few minutes to think of 3 things you really dream about everyday, or 3 things you really want to change in your life. Write them down.

Now, ask yourself Why?  Why do you dream about those things or want to see things change?  How will your life be different if those dreams or changes were reality?  Write that next to each dream/change. Are you committed to working to makes these dreams or changes come about?  Is it worth it?  Will you benefit?  If so . . . .you have your goals!

Now on a new sheet of paper, in the front of a journal, or on your phone – write those dreams or changes as a positive action.  For example:  I have lost 50# in 2016 and am happy with how I look.

Under each positive statement you will need to write steps to accomplish that goal.  Be specific and detailed.  Make these steps something that you can measure.  For example:  I exercise 30 minutes, 5 days per week.   I eat 3 meals per day.  I do not eat after 7 p.m.  I avoid all sugar/sweets with the exception of one cookie on the weekend.

A few things to remember about goals:  make them measurable – such as a specific money amount, a specific weight, etc.  Set a date for achieving the goal.  In order to stay motivated and increase your chance for attaining your overall goal – break it down into smaller achievable actions like in the example above.  If you have a grand, overall goal for the year – break it down into smaller monthly goals.  Each time you succeed in achieving a monthly goal you are much more likely to reach that big one year goal.

Want to increase your chances of reaching those goals?  Of course you do!  Then you have to stay focused.  You know most people give up on resolutions, ideas after about 2 weeks.  Commit yourself to these goals.  Write them down!

Post them where you will see them at least once everyday!

Say your positive goal statement out loud, in front of the mirror several times each day.  Some people place a post it note on their bathroom mirror. Others set reminders in their phones. Find a system that works for you.  Just know that being SPECIFIC, have goals you can MEASURE, WRITING them down, SPEAKING them out loud will all dramatically increase your success.

Now . . .go do it!   Go on – get up out of that chair, grab a pencil and start writing!  Congratulations that is the first step . . . .

Good Luck!  Comment below if you want to share your goals or thoughts.  For anyone who is struggling, I can offer individual help with your goal setting (no fees, no strings)  just email me

Dream for 2016!

motivational-dream-and-do-it-walt-disney-quoteHey everyone!  Hope your New Year has started off great.  I am so excited to get started on this 2016 Success series!  The past few days I have given the subject a lot of thought.  There are so many directions to go and so many other blogs and videos on success out there.  So, I just want to do something different, something new and something that is useful and helpful to my readers.  I will guide you to some other very good sources of inspiration that I have found.

“Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start” . . . .  I believe that the Word of God, the Bible is the number one motivational book out there.  All wisdom, all good, all success comes from the Author of that Book.  After all, it is God who is in control and blesses us with gifts of speaking, writing, inspiring others.

“The mind of man can plan his way, but God directs his steps.”                       Proverbs 16:9

Now you know my focus and some of my values.  Keep that in mind throughout this series, as I believe faith is the foundation for any success plan.  You do not have to share my beliefs to be successful.  I do recognize that everyone has different belief systems.

So . . . . . let’s just dream today.

Dream big, have a RI – DIC – U – LOUS dream!

You have to envision your dream – really see yourself in your dream.  Don’t limit yourself.  If you limit your dream you limit what you can achieve.  This is where a dream board can be useful.  Most dream boards are a work in progress. Every time you have a new thing you think about you can pin it on your dream board.  Now is the perfect time to start pinning pictures of your dreams for the year.  When you dream use positive terms – such as “The home I am purchasing this year.”   Be descriptive and detailed:  see yourself in that home, walking through the hallways, spending time with family in the kitchen, etc.  Go car shopping and take a selfie of you sitting in your dream car.  Post in on your dream board!

See yourself in your dream!   Believe!  daretodreamseriesdayone-1024x1024

I have taken this graphic from a series on dreaming big by Monique McLean.  This is an excellent source for learning to dream big.  I highly recommend it. You can check it out here: Monique McLean

There you have it!  Your success will only be as big as your dream.  Go crazy!  Really let go and let yourself dream this week.  Get started on a dream board.

Next Up:    setting goals.

     Oh, I can hear you guys grumbling and sighing.  No, not goals.  Oh yeah – goals.  It can be fun once you have had some time to dream.    Hope this motivates you today!   Please, comment and let me know what you think,  and share with anyone you think needs a little dreamin’ . . . .      deb

Empowerment and Success

If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.Previously I have posted about positive mindset, self development and believing in our dreams.  If you search the Internet with the word success you will bring up a multitude of websites promoting self development or personal development programs, videos and books.  I have done my research. There is a lot of good information and a lot of promises of amazing results.  Unfortunately, the average person could go broke investing in all of these programs.  I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t feel very empowered after spending lots of money to hear the same information over and over.

So, it is a fact – personal development leads to success.  Jim Rohn has written many articles on success. He also speaks quite a bit about personal development. Check out this post on personal development .  The stumbling block is that personal development is but one component of a success strategy.  Another component is hard work.  Did you know that most people actually give up just when they are about to reach their goal? They get discouraged, tired of working hard, or something comes along that promises better results. 



It’s a hard uphill climb, but coasting down the other side is amazing!


Personal development has been a great experience for me.  I have grown as a person and have such a sense of empowerment.  During the month of January,

I am going to have an online personal development program here on the blog.  There is no fee.  Each day I will post thoughts, affirmations and other encouragement.  There will be weekly reading suggestions and book reviews.  

Let’s start this year off with a bang!  Please, join me for personal development, empowerment and the road to success so that we can make 2016 our best year ever.

Happy New Year!   see you back here on January 1, 2016.  deb

P.S. comment if you have requests for specific topics to include, motivational people you admire, etc.

A Gift for the New Year

53ae319ea2fb48b384c04efe74455a8fI am so blessed to have been given a gift a year ago – the gift of my own business.  My dream has always been to own my own business, be my own boss and work when I want.  Problem is, I always just thought of it as a dream.  Now I see that it is so possible – I own my own business and love building it!  I have had incredible support from my team, inspiring mentors and leaders.

No it isn’t easy and “get rich quick” – but it is so worth it.  My business is simple and just takes consistent effort.  Now I want to pass the gift on.   I want to offer this business to 2 people before the end of 2015.

 Let’s make 2016 the best year ever!

I will be your personal business coach for no charge.

I will guide you through a year long personal development program.

Nothing would make me happier than seeing you succeed and be happy.

Take a few minutes to watch this video – this business will change your life


Email me now if you want one of those 2 spots and are ready to make 2016 the best year ever!

The Power of Positive


If you follow some of the motivational speakers out there – and there are hundreds of them – you will hear talk about staying positive.  It is a fact that successful people have a positive attitude and believe that they can achieve anything.

inspiring-positive-lifestyle-quotes-you-cant-live-a-positive-life-with-a-negative-mind  Beginning in childhood and continuing throughout our lives we get a lot of negative programming.  How many times does a child hear the word “NO”?  Much more than they hear the work yes.  Our brains believe what they hear – so if we hear mostly negative words then we will have a negative attitude, or outlook toward life.  It is said that you will become what you think about most.  Behavioral research shows that 77% of our thoughts are negative.   So how do we get positive?  

Surround yourself with positive people.  Seek out people who have goals and speak about belief and positive things. You will probably find that these positive people are also more encouraging and supportive for you than negative people.



No matter how hard we try, it is very difficult to remain positive when surrounded by negativity. Sometimes you have to remove yourself from negative friends, negative environments, negative situations.  We need to reprogram our brains in a positive way.  The subconscious part of our brain needs repetition. Therefore –  being positive takes daily work.

Below are some of my suggestions for reprogramming your negative mind. You have to talk to yourself.  It is more effective if you speak the words out and your brain “hears” the words.  Remember, it takes repetition!   But it is so worth it. You will actually feel better and people will start to ask you why you look so happy all the time.  Positive people attract others – so you never know who you will meet.  Commit to a positive action plan, do it everyday for 10 days and comment to let me know how it goes.

Replace “I can’t”, “I should”, and “I need to” with “I can”, “I will”

Spend 10 minutes every night reading positive thoughts or a book about positive thinking.  My suggestion is one of the books by Dr. Shad Helmstetter – What to Say When You Talk to Yourself.

Write down several positive thoughts about yourself or goals you will achieve.  Read these positive thoughts – OUT LOUD – each morning.  You are telling yourself positive things and reprogramming that brain!

Listen very closely to the things you say to others and the things you  think to yourself.  Take note of how many negative thoughts or words occur in one day.

Okay – here is an example.  I used to be so nervous about speaking in front of others.  I would sweat, shake and actually feel sick.  Often I feared that I would actually pass out while speaking.  Can you see it?  Fall face first into the podium and make a loud thud on the microphone.  That’s the picture of success, right?  Now before speaking, I spend a few minutes by myself in a quiet place and repeat the following: “Okay, so you have spent time preparing – you know this stuff.  You are a good speaker. People enjoy hearing you speak.  Now take a deep breath – go out there and look at one person and smile.  Then start talking.  You will do great!  Now go on – get it done.  You are going to change someone’s life!”  This has worked so well for me. When I finish my little speech to myself I am ready to go and feel quite confident.

So there you have it.  You can overcome most everything with the power of positivity.  I know it!  I have seen the effects of positive thinking.  I have also seen the effects of negativity.  Life is tough, we face obstacles everyday but try to look for one positive thing that could come out of every problem.  Instead of saying, “oh everything I try is so difficult, nothing ever works out” – say “you are a really strong person, you just come up to an obstacle, step over and keep going, you can accomplish anything you set out to do”.  Look at mistakes as learning experiences. I know that if you change your outlook and focus on positive people, positive thoughts and positive environments you will feel so much lighter and happier.  And you will be much more successful in life.   I know this has helped someone, so let me know! deb

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – You Are Right!

The Four Year Career

Welcome back!  Here is part 3 in my series on Network Marketing.

beach-office Because I want a job I can do on the beach and a job I don’t need to take a vacation from, I am building an international business.  After a lot of research, a lot of education and a lot of hours in the workforce I found that network marketing is the only way to go!

It is just such a misunderstood profession.  There is an excellent book by Richard Brooke, “The Four Year Career” that clears up any misconceptions.  This is a business for almost anyone – anyone who has a dream and is willing to work hard for a short time to achieve that dream. The best part, helping others achieve their dreams.

Ask yourself this:  If I keep doing what I’m doing where will I be in 5 years?

Network marketing can be very low cost to start.  Unlike traditional businesses there is very little overhead.  If you have a voice, a computer, a cell phone – you can run a global business working as little as 10-20 hours per week.  It is low risk – what have you got to lose?   Take advantage of the company which will provide shipping, research and development, customer support, training, websites, etc. for you at no cost. If you hate your current job or find it is taking up all your time, keeping you from family and things you enjoy – this may be the only option to get out.

How Does it Work?

Find a product and company you truly believe in and are passionate about.  If the product is consumable (used daily and re purchased, like shampoo or soap or a daily drink) then you will have repeat business when customers need the product. Check out the company also and they support they provide, their business history.

Use the products, talk about the products, share your passion with everyone!  Find people who need what you have and go help them. Share the great business opportunity and help and support people as they start their own business with your team.

Stay “plugged in” – listen to others in your business, read positive mindset books,  listen to trainings from your company.  Find someone to mentor you – they can show you a simple system for success.

What’s In It for Me?

1. you receive a commission on everything you sell
2. you get your own products at a substantial discount
3. if you help others start their businesses, you get paid on the work they do, the products they sell
4. if those people use the products, share with others and help others start businesses – you get paid on those sales! 

This continues on and on from one person to another.  The “ripple effect”:  by helping one person build a business you can actually be helping someone across the world build a business.  It is really amazing when you think about it.

A lot of people will say, “I tried that – it doesn’t work.”  No, it doesn’t if you aren’t willing to work and be consistent. Most of those people quit after they didn’t get rich in a few months.   I know quite a few successful people – who work less than 20 hours a week, vacation regularly – and receive a 6 figure paycheck MONTHLY.  

So, check out that book, The Four Year Career.  You can take a look at my website for an example of how I run a business with amazing products and no inventory .  Feel free to comment or even email me.  I love sharing info about network marketing and would love to talk with you – no strings attached, no sales pitch – I promise.


Go chase those dreams!


Have a great day, thanks for reading – and most of all, I hope this brightens your day and makes you realize you can dust off those dreams, take them down off the shelf and start living them!   deb.