Too Comfortable?

Recently someone posed a question to me – should I be living for happiness or contentment?  Without thinking, I answered, “happiness of course!


It seems contentment has become somewhat of a disease, at least in the United States.  I see people everyday – traveling down the same packed freeway, going to the same office, following the same routine and then going home at night exhausted.  That doesn’t sound like happiness to me.  It sounds like comfortable.  We get comfortable in a routine – it feels safe, there is no challenge and therefore no fear.  We are content – and we survive.  The problem with that?

We are meant to THRIVE not just survive.

If you google the following quote by O. Woodward, “Success begins on the Other Side of Your Comfort Zone” you will get thousands of results.  It is an often quoted phrase for bloggers, motivational speakers and business coaches.  That is because it is true!   We need to do something different, change something, take action . . . . .step out of our comfort zone . . . . . in order to achieve anything.

So what stops us?  What makes us accept comfortable over happy?


I think we have become so programmed to accept the status quo and seek contentment that we have lost the motivation to pursue anything more.  It is scary to take risks – like quitting a job that makes you miserable, moving to a new place just because you want to experience a new environment, or approaching a stranger “just to talk”.  But you know what?   People who are successful in life are people who refuse to let fear stop them from anything. They are adventurers, never afraid to try something new.

They Aren’t Afraid to Fail

I have always told my kids – if you want something – go after it.  The only person who is really a failure is the person who never tries.  (I don’t know who first said that, but my mother used to say it to me all the time.)  If there is something you really want to do – you research it, you dream about it, you talk to others about it.  You get excited about the prospect of doing something new!  Then one or more people start talking about the negatives – “oh, that will not work”doubt 

“oh that sounds risky”,wontwork

disapproval“oh I would be too afraid to do that”.

And there you go – now you start to worry – fear creeps in and you give up on that new adventure.  You probably think about that every once in a while and wonder – “but what if I had tried?”

I want you to write these statements on a note card.  Post that card on your bathroom mirror, on your computer at work, somewhere you will see it EVERYDAY.

I deserve to be happy!

I was created to live in abundance!

Contentment is a comfortable life, but I want more!

FEAR is only False Evidence Appearing Real and I will not let it stop me from living the life I dream of!

I am great!  I choose to have a positive attitude today and I am making a difference in this world!

You can add any additional statements that you feel motivated by.  Now, you have to read these statements, out loud, with conviction and believe them!  Do it everyday!  Do it twice, three times a day!   I know you will notice a difference in your life!    Please – come back and let me know if you try my suggestion and what happened.   Take care – live life to the fullest, always seek happiness and encourage others.  Success is yours, if you go after it.  Now go out there and be a role model for someone else!

Remember – you are great!  Thrive, don’t just survive – deb

Millennials and Success

I have noticed recently that the younger people, the generation termed “Millennials” have a different attitude about work, success and how they want to live their lives.


They have learned that working for a boss,  who doesn’t appreciate you and may very well lay you off at anytime, isn’t the way to succeed.  Success isn’t always about money and material things.  It is about time for oneself, travel, enjoying life, building a family and actually staying home and raising your children.

To that end – people are now much more open to alternative ways of making money, different types of careers and especially – being an entrepreneur.   We are beginning to see more and more people start their own business.   These people know – you cannot trade time for money and ever come out ahead.  There are only so many hours in a day, you are just one person and no one is really going to pay you what you are worth.  Spending 4 years at a University is quite expensive and most cannot even afford it.  Then, you graduate and are even assured of a job in the field you studied.  But you can be assured that those student loan payments will start coming due.

Over the years we have seen a drastic change in the U.S.A. – the land of opportunity.  In the past, family businesses flourished – they were the majority.  Then big business began to grow, and grow and force the family owned businesses out.  Big business has much deeper pockets and influence.  Now very few start up businesses succeed. The products offered by these big businesses are often made in other countries.  In my opinion, the products are cheap, not good for us and everyone knows it.  Yet, we keep shopping and buying and making the rich man richer while the poor get poorer.  Did you realize that the middle class is actually shrinking?  

The costs to start a business are quite high.  There is a significant learning curve and not much support.    So what do we do if we are sick of working for someone else, sick of the hours and how they limit our enjoyment of life?  What do we do if we just have an entrepreneurial spirit – we just want to own our own business?  We know there has got to be a better way. . . . .

Now the “Millennials” that I referred to – they have open minds and look for opportunities.  They aren’t afraid to work hard . . . .IF . .there is a big payout at the end.  They see the potential in Network Marketing!   I have watched young women get so excited by the opportunity to own a business.  They find products they love and tell everyone about them.   These people are excited!  They share the business opportunity with anyone who will listen.  If someone isn’t interested then they just move on to someone else.  It seems to be a new mindset.  There is another way out there and we have a job to let everyone know about it.  It is like a huge movement – people taking back their lives, realizing they were meant for so much more and pursuing their dreams.

Social media and technology have made Network Marketing much easier.  I am able to run my international business from anywhere in the world.  All I need is my phone, computer and internet access.  I host meetings in my living room – in my pajamas – with 25-50 people around the world discussing our team activities and sharing our achievements.  I can introduce someone I have never met to my business and get them started even if they are thousands of miles away.  It is really amazing.

How many success stories

do you have to hear, before you decide

to write your own?

I know, there are still a lot of doubters out there.

“Those things never work!”  “That’s one of those pyramid schemes.”    “Only the people that got in the company at the ground floor ever get to the top.”


I am here to tell you – none of those are true.




Let me tell you about a young woman who, at the age of 19, took a chance.   She lives in the United Kingdom and joined  up with a friend who told her about a business.  The opportunity excited her – she jumped in with both feet and knew she had found a way to help herself and others.  She knew there were alot of young women and men that were struggling and couldn’t find decent jobs.  At the age of 21, this girl has reached the 3rd level in her company and has helped several other young women begin to dream and really live.  The oldest person on her team is 23 years of age.  Just recently she was rewarded with a grand celebration and a Mercedes Benz – paid for by her company.  So yes, it really does work – if you work.

So – any thoughts?  I would love to hear what you readers think about network marketing.

Comment with questions or opinions.  If you are a successful networker, share your story.  If you are a “Millennial”  let me know if you agree.







      Yesterday I talked about caring for your baby’s skin and avoiding harmful chemicals.  Well – that mess in the diaper?  That’s not always an easy clean up.  I think back about how many of those diaper wipes I used on my kids when they were babies.  Wow!  as if buying diapers isn’t costly enough – those wipes are crazy.
      Besides, have you ever seen the red bumpy rash that babies get on their faces when you use a baby wipe to clean off their face?  That is probably related to the chemicals or alcohol in those wipes.


Plastic container with sealing lid (or old baby wipe container)ABC

One roll of quilted paper towels

Cut paper towel roll in half

Mix together:

2 cups distilled water

1 Tablespoon Arbonne ABC lotion

1 Tablespoon Arbonne ABC Wash

1 teaspoon Arbonne skin conditioning oil

      If you have difficulty mixing, try warming the water. When all is mixed, pour over paper towels in the container.  Let soak 5 minutes then remove the cardboard tube from towels. For gifts you can decorate the outside of the container with ribbon, twine or embellishments.
      And another great perk – you will notice the wipes make your hands oh so soft!    So . . . what’s not to love?  Contact me for help in obtaining Arbonne products

or shop right here!

    Contact me via email for 20% discount for blog readers (all year long!)

My Friend Frank!

frankincensce    Today I am showcasing FRANKINCENSE essential oil.  Yes, this oil is my friend and I use it every single day!  In fact, I have noticed everyone in my house has started using my friend everyday.   Hmmm – must be pretty good, right?

Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) has been sought after since ancient times. The oil comes from the resin of the Boswellia tree pictured above.  These trees are found in Africa and the Middle East. The complex aroma of this oil can elevate many aspects of your life. Diffusing frankincense oil has effects on your spirit and emotions. It seems to improve my focus and help me come up with new ideas and work out problems.

Frankincense essential oil has an earthy, slightly spicy and warm aroma. The Young Living website says: “Create a safe and comforting environment when you diffuse or inhale this empowering oil—a perfect opportunity to collect your thoughts. When you seek purpose or engage in prayer or meditation, use this oil to enhance your experience.”

In addition to elevated spiritual experiences,  Frankincense essential oil is  great for your skin. It smooths your skin and makes it more radiant.  This is an oil that has been used since ancient times for beauty products.


What makes these oils work, anyway?

The monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes are the most valuable elements of frankincense oil.  According to the book Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley, monoterpenes help prevent and discharge toxins from your liver and kidneys, and have antiseptic, antibacterial, stimulating, analgesic (weak), and expectorant properties.   Meanwhile, sesquiterpenes can go beyond the blood-brain barrier and simulate the limbic system of your brain, as well as your hypothalamus, and pineal and pituitary glands.

Here is a little beauty secret – Frankincense oil was used by Egyptian royalty to maintain beautiful, firm and wrinkle free skin.  It was also one the gifts the 3 Wise Men presented to baby Jesus.

I put 1-2 drops of Frankincense oil in with my facial moisturizer every evening – it smells good and is so good for my skin.  The oil improves cellular function, promotes regeneration of skin cells and is also an astringent.  Soooo . . . . good for your skin!


Look back at my previous post where I cite a couple references of how frankincense has been shown to destroy certain cancer cells.  The sources and links to the scientific data is in that post.

Now that you have met my friend, Frank – what do you think?  Need a friend like Frank?  Let me know if you have tried frankincense oil and how you use it.   Thanks and I hope these posts are helpful.   For further information follow this link .  I would love to help you get started with essential oils, so feel free to message me with questions.  See you tomorrow!    deb

I’ve Got an Oil for That!


    You guys, I just LOVE my essential oils!  Those little bottles right there – they are so AMAZING!  In my house it is often heard – “Ask my mom, she’s got an oil for that”.  My whole family uses essential oils everyday.  We use them for better sleep, dealing with stress, better looking skin, coughs and sniffles, rashes, stomach aches, headaches . . . . oh just for everything.

Essential oils come from plants and flowers in nature.  They are extracted from the plants and then we have the pure oil to use.  Because oils are not medications our bodies just use what they need,  the oils bring balance in the body.  In other words, they give us what we need for our bodies to function well.  I don’t claim these oils heal disease or cure illness – but there is a lot of research out there to validate their use.  Just one example:

Frankincense has been studied by the National Institutes of Health and found to affect cancer cells.  Read the conclusion of the study here .

Essential oils have antioxidant properties, antimicrobial properties and are absorbed through the skin easily.  More scientific info from the NIH .

A lot of people enjoy the smell of essential oils.  They do smell good!  I diffuse them in my home to clear odors and for a “happy smell”.   Smelling those oils can actually affect your mood.  When you inhale something through your nose, the olfactory center carries those little molecules right up to the limbic system in our brain.  The limbic system is the seat of our emotions.  So just think about how some smells remind you of certain places or events.  Now it makes sense, right?  What we smell affects our emotional center.

Smelling_Lavender_large I sleep so much better after discovering an essential oil blend called Peace and Calming.  Using one drop on the bottom of my feet each night ends up in restful sleep and waking up feeling rested.  My whole family depends on this oil now.  One day my 6 year old granddaughter woke up looking like she had a rough night.  When we asked her what was wrong, she said “momma forgot to give us our oils last night”.   That pretty much is all the proof I need.  

Here’s a word of warning.  Not all essential oils are the same.  I used to buy oils at the health food store.  They smelled good but I never really saw any results from them.  When I started using 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils I definitely noticed results.  So, the less expensive oils at the store and usually diluted with a carrier oil such as almond oil or jojoba oil.  Pure essential oils are expensive to produce and there is a limited number of plants available each season to harvest oils from.  The oils I use are from Young Living.  It is a company that has been in business for 20 years. They grow their own plants and oversee all the harvesting, distillation and packaging.  Here’s more info about the seed to seal guarantee .

For the next 10 days, I will be featuring a different oil each day here on the blog.  These will be basic oils that are inexpensive and have many uses.  Check back each day and I am sure you will learn some interesting things you never knew.  I love comments and questions – please let me know your thoughts or specific oils you are interested in.  Do you already use essential oils?  Tell us your favorites.

For more information check out this link with lots of useful oily info .  Have a great day – pay attention to the smells around you and see how they affect how you feel.   deboil20drop20bottle_full

Being Intentional

successWow – see how quick New Years Resolutions fade?  I haven’t posted on here in 3 weeks!  At least I haven’t been a total slacker – just been working on myself.  I was recently introduced to books by John Maxwell and have been reading “Intentional Living” . This book is a very easy read and is making a big difference in my life.  If you look at successful people, you will find that a majority of them live “intentionally”.  They have a plan for each day, and intentionally have certain habits.  Successful people don’t get there by chance, by being in the right place a the right time – they get there by living an intentional life.   This applies to everyone, no matter if you are an athlete, a student, a business person, a parent.   Having good intentions is just not enough – we have to take action not just think or wish.  This is where we achieve success – by acting on our good intentions.  It is a simple concept but sometimes it is easier and safer to think about doing something rather than actually taking action and doing it!

intentional“If you want to change the world, invest in helping another person to reach his or her potential”  J. Maxwell

Mr. Maxwell has written many books on self development, leadership and growth.  He is an excellent speaker and lives his life intentionally.  Check out his website linked above- I am participating in the 30 day journey of intentional living.  Already I see this concept changing my daily life and I have seen results in my business.  Have any of you read any John Maxwell books?  Comment and let me know what to read next 🙂

Take the first step today – take action and live intentionally.  Stop looking at your goals and “To Do” list and actually commit to doing one thing daily to help achieve your goal.

Let me know if this is helpful, especially if you follow through and start living intentionally!  deb

Am I Versatile?

Yes, The Blogger on the Mount thinks I have a versatile blog. When I started blogging this was the first blog I stumbled across.  She writes clear posts that explain or illustrate passages from the Bible.  Go check it out – you might be surprised how ancient Bible passages are so applicable to today’s world. She has nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award. Here is her post explaining the Award nomination.versatile-bloggerNever heard of it?  Well this is a great way to recognize bloggers who have less than 200 followers and it helps get them some recognition.  And for me – it’s all about the recognition.

For the Versatile Blogger Nomination, I was asked to talk about 7 random facts about myself.  So here goes:

  1. I am a free spirit and easily bored.  As a result I have lived in 4 states.

  2. I love everything Disney.  Minnie Mouse is just so cute!  I know that Disney world is the most magical place on earth and it is my escape from “the real world”.  Everything Disney does is magical to me.

  3. My pet is a German Shepherd – I love him!  I used to be afraid of German Shepherds. Now I see them as protectors and very smart dogs.  Mine is a big baby when no one else is looking.

  4. I have been married for more than a quarter of a century

  5. My favorite hobby is knitting.  I love the relaxation of knitting and have made hats, scarves, socks, sweaters and mittens.  My family jokes about the amount of yarn I have stashed away.

  6. I am very creative.  I love colors and using them in different ways like oil paints, watercolors, pencils, etc. (I think that’s why I have so much yarn, I love all the colors.)

  7. I once took a speedreading class – read so fast I ran out of books and I still read fast today.

Now it is my turn for nominations.  I enjoy reading the following blogs because their posts are interesting and varied.  I nominate these 15 people for a Versatile Blogger Award.   Look forward to learning 7 random facts about each of you.  Then pass on the love to 15 more people.

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Thanksgiving celebrations are over – but being thankful should continue everyday.  My friend over at The Blogger on the Mount has nominated me for a Liebster Award!  So now, I am thankful for that nomination.  I haven’t been blogging very long but this is the community and support I was hoping for when venturing out into the “blogosphere”.   Go check out his blog where he spreads the Word of God and makes it very applicable to our current society. (Actually, I don’t know if The Blogger on the Mount is male or female – guess I just assumed, male.) Here is the info about the Liebster award

These are my answers to the questions:

  1. How and where do you write?    I think about what I want write about a lot – usually while driving.  Then I just sit down and start typing.  This is the same way I wrote papers when in school.  These days I usually write at work.  Okay – don’t tell my boss!

  2. What is your favourite colour and why?  My favorite color is pink.  I like pink because there are quite a few shades of pink and each reminds me of roses, my favorite flower.

  3. Do you have a favourite quote? If so, what is it?  If you believe it, then you can achieve it.

  4. What’s the most inspiring book you have ever read?  The Bible.  This Book tops them all and I believe The Word is what inspires the many other books in publication.

  5. What music do you listen to if you need cheering up?  I listen to anything by Al Jarreau – it’s upbeat, lively and just feels happy.

  6. What time of the year is your favourite and why?  My favorite time of year is Autumn – I love the cooler weather, the crispness in the air. It just smells different when the season changes.  I love that kids are back in school and life seems more organized. The leaves turn color and start to fall and everywhere you go you see pots of chrysanthemums.

  7. Name the best place you have ever visited?  St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands – beautiful beaches, lush green with colorful flowers, great shopping, friendly people.

  8. Has a particular experience shaped the way you think? I don’t think one particular experience shaped the way I think.  It is more a collection of experiences from childhood through adulthood.  I believe it is an ongoing process – new experiences can change how I have thought in the past.

  9. How do you like to spend your free time? with my family – at home.  We all love watching sports, eating popcorn and I love knitting at the same time.

  10. In what way is this Christmas going to be special for you? Each Christmas is special but we usually follow the same traditions in my family.  All my children and grandchildren will be at home with us.  And, we have a great surprise for the grandkids.

  11. My blog is about faith and learning more about God. What does faith mean to you? To me, faith is belief.  It is trust without seeing or touching.  Personally, I see faith as something given to us by the Holy Spirit. Faith is also one of hardest things to explain!  I guess that is because you can’t see it or tough it – it just is.

Those were great questions!  Wow, they really made me think.  Here are my nominees for the Liebster award. This is a great way to get to know others and I can’t wait to read their answers.

Pairs Well With

Mind and Life Matters

Cyndi Lenz





Veterans Day

On this day set aside to honor our Veterans, I think it is important to remember not only the Veterans but also their families.  Having lived in a small military town for awhile, I saw first hand what a struggle the families of our armed forces go through.  One can never be quite prepared for sending your husband, your wife, your son or daughter off to battle.  Meanwhile, here at home life goes on and we don’t give a second thought as to how drastic life changes when a family member is off on active duty.  Not all of us are brave enough, selfless enough, to sacrifice for others.      Serving in the armed forces is the ultimate sacrifice – giving of yourself to protect your country and the freedom of others.  I cannot even imagine what it is like to be constantly vigilant, fighting among the enemy in a foreign land with little rest.  Is it any wonder that these young men and women return with post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression?

So . . .take every opportunity to thank a Veteran for their service, tell them how much you admire and respect them.  Not just on Veterans Day – but everyday!

Not all Protein is Created Equal . . . .

Seems like a lot of people are talking about protein shakes – for nutrition, for weight loss and as meal replacements.  There are so many different brands of protein powders and pre mixed protein “shakes” it is hard to know which ones are actually good for you.



Amino acids are the basic “parts” that together make up protein. Proteins are essential for health,  they do alot in our bodies.  The protein you eat is used by your body to manufacture other types of proteins that are necessary for a healthy body.  Collagen is a protein that supports our skin and keeps it elastic.  Another protein in our body are antibodies – a part of our immune system, responsible for the ability to fight off illness. Proteins connect and support muscles, bones, tendons. Hair and nails are made up of protein.  So if you want to look good, feel good and function good – make sure you get adequate protein.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 20-25 grams of protein after exercise for muscle recovery.  So where do you get this protein?  From the food you eat – so if you eat healthy you may be getting enough protein.  Unfortunately a lot of our diets are lacking.  I believe the best source of protein is from pea protein.  Pea protein contains iron and has no cholesterol or lactose or soy.  Soy has estrogens – female hormones!  No one needs these extra hormones, especially children.  So, stop using soy milk and soy products!!!  Whey contains lactose and alot of people do not digest lactose well and suffer from bloating, cramping, constipation and other gut issues.  smoothie

Protein powder is an excellent source of usable protein for your body.  I believe pea protein is the best type.  When mixed with fruits or vegetables and almond milk – you have a complete meal with less calories in a quick drink. This little wake up drink will have you feeling good in the mornings, the Vitamin C will help boost your immune system for that upcoming flu season.

Creamsicle Breakfast

2 scoops Arbonne protein powder, vanilla. 1/2 scoop dietary fiber. 3 ounces almond milk, 6 ice cubes and 4 ounces fresh squeeze orange juice.  Blend together until smooth.  

Arbonne Essentials is a pea protein with dietary fiber, vitamins, rice protein and is vegan, GMO free and kosher. And . . .  it tastes great!   Visit my website for more information or to shop online: debbiemlewisArbonne

      For free recipes for delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies, comment below with your email or send me your email to sign up for my monthly recipes.


Comment below – I would love to hear from you