Pure Genius!

geniusWhoever came up with the name Genius for these products was sure on their game.  That is because these products really are pure genius.  They promise soft, moisturized skin with improved texture and tone, elasticity and firmness.  And I can tell you . ..  .


In as little as 2 hours:

• 90% revealed significantly smoother skin texture.

• 90% exhibited more radiant skin.

• 80% showed significant improvement in skin clarity.

After 2 weeks:

• 96% showed significant improvement in skin clarity.

• 94% exhibited more radiant skin.

• 75% had improved skin firmness and elasticity. Based on an expert clinical graded study.

(results from Arbonne website and independent clinical trial).

Botanicals.  Safe and pure substances from nature.  Skin just loves those botanicals.

Phytinol – from alfalfa and chicory plants, rejuvenates and signals cells – promotes cell turnover and clear, brighter skin

Ceramide – a complex molecule of sea buckthorn oil and olive oil that help moisturize

Red Algae – firms and tones skin

These are gathered together in a polypeptide that supports the elastin and collagen in our skin.  Topical collagen is too big of a molecule to absorb into the skin. So,  we can’t actually put more collagen on our skin but we can support the collagen we have.   Also in the Genius products are retinoids which help fade dark spots and remove skin discoloration. Again cells are turned over much like microdermabrasion or chemical peels.  Mandelic acid is an alpha-hydoxy acid that comes from bitter almonds.  These products all work together for improved skin.   I have definitely seen results. So many others have also – there are tons of testimonials out there.    Here is a little video for you: Arbonne Intelligence Genius

fresh pour

The results from the Genius products is equivalent to some results you get at a  dermatologists office.  For much less cost.  Message me for more info or check out my website – Deb’s Arbonne       I always offer my followers at least a 20% discount.

I love that your pour the active product out of a sealed bottle.  You know that’s fresh.  With these botanicals and moisturizers you avoid the redness and irritation you might get with other such products.


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